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How much do tolls cost in France?

We are going to the south of France for a week in the summer we hav'nt booked where we are staying but need a rough idea of what it will cost we are taking the euro tunnel and need to know how much the tolls from there to our villa will cost roughly ???

Thank you xxx

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    Hi Lona

    We did this journey last summer right down to the coast and decided to break it up with an overnight stay in Bourges. The tolls all vary depending on their length and the route that you take. We also took the channel tunnel and then put all the diesel and tolls on one card so I know that our return journey cost us in total £420. We were down there for 2 weeks and did a few day trips which are also included in that total.

    The ViaMichelin website has a route finder which will ask you for the size of your car and the type of fuel used to give you an estimate on how much the journey will cost including any tolls.

    Wishing you a safe journey and a great holiday.

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    You don't say where you are going south France is a big area from the Spanish border to the Italian border

    Don't forget your 2 breathalysers, hi vis waistcoats for each seat belt, your main beam deflectors, Bulb kit, Breakdown club with European cover, all your paperwork car reg doc, insurance doc, mot cert,

    The Tunnel is the dearest way across the water, try DFDS ferries (ex Norfolkline) at £29 - £39 one way,

    Without looking Tolls will be at least £60 to £120 each way

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    Visit and go to their route finder facility.

    Enter the Eurotunnel Terminus in France as your start point and your destination town as your

    end point and it will work out your best route and tell you the approximate cost of the petrol needed for the journey and the cost of the autoroute tolls and the cost of any toll bridges you may need to cross.

    Source(s): 40 years driving in France.
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    wheres your villa ?? im a regular driver through france ..a weeks not long ..takes a day to get there ..i have a home near perpignan i drive through tunnel ..orleon ..toulouse ..carcasonne ..5 tolls .they don't take cash anymore ..its card only ..cost ? all 5 circa £50..but its worth it ..both in time and fuel ..i drive to their limit 130km per hour ..takes good 12 hours ..

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