The wanderlust approximation?

How travelled is well travelled?

...and how well travelled are you?

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago
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    Well, darling, I'd say it's an attitude more than anything else, so a well-traveled person is one who has made the time and space to travel a bit adventurously at least once every year, and has traveled thoughtfully, whether to one place or dozens, doesn't isolate himself or treat local people as if they were in a zoo, would rather walk around a city and miss a few "sights" than be bused frantically from landmark to tourist trap, and doesn't greet every new food or experience with suspicion.

    I wouldn't consider myself well-traveled...yet. I have traveled, but not widely - minimally within the US (I've been to 14 states other than my own, although I've just passed through some of them), and again minimally in England, France, and Spain.

    I'm hoping to add another continent or two to my travels, and my dream is to travel to, and eventually retire to one of the beautiful spots my beloved and I fell for while watching House Hunters International.


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