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To what rank do officers in the British Army/Royal Marines serve in a combat role?

I am hoping to join one of them (hopefully Marines) as an officer after university and was just wondering like at what rank would I stop being in a combat role with the general duties etc. and if there is any way to extend this/delay it?

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    The British Army serve in combat formations based around mainly battalions and brigades. A Battalion is commanded by a Lt Col, Brigade by Brigadier. In theory all officers up to rank of Brigadier could be killed, however direct fighting and engaging with the enemy is done mainly be captains and below.

    However, Lt Col Jones VC dies in the Falklands, and Lt Col Thorneloe in Afghanistan. At least 3 majors have been killed on Herrick. If you're deployed, you're at risk, regardless of rank.

    Source(s): Major (retired)
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    captains don't necessarily command companies. in fact in many cases they act as a 2ic (2nd in command) to a major. also, a company in the british army and marines is generally 3 platoons + some support which is about 100-120 men. not 180.

    captains and even majors can go into combat in certain situations - but it's quite rare.

    if you have any interest in the british army and you're at university in the UK, contact your university's UOTC (university officer training corps) as they're the best way to get information.

    good luck with your application if you decide to go ahead with it

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    A Captain is the highest combatant officer, but occasionally a higher rank may be killed if the enemy attacks them in the camp.

    Source(s): British army soldier.
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    A Lt coloniel died during the falklands, winning a V.C.

    I would say that a major would be highest possible rank

    Source(s): Even coloniels can be on the battle field, out of the way, but still close enough to get shot at.
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    generally Capt is the last officer rank you are directly engaged in combat

    and even then, a capt isn't gonna be firing a rifle very often

    capts command companies ( approx 180 men )

    they are more focused on telling the platoon leaders where to go and how to maneuver

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    A marine Captain died in the would assume that at least to this rank.

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