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School Trip Prank Ideas ?

We're going on a school trip to France very soon, and a girl in our year HATES me and has humiliated me several times.

We're going to put tea in her shower head so it looks like poo water, and replace her sun cream with tanning lotion because she hates tans. Any other ideas ?

We will be staying in hotels, and we need to do it sneakily so only she sees, the teacher doesn't know and it can be blamed on something else like waterworks, etc. So it can't be like dying her hair,

She has pale skin, likes make up, is thin, and really mean to everybody.

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    put baby powder in her hairdryer?

    order a pizza to her door, but use her name when ringing for one?

    Put Saran wrap on the toilet seat?

    Coat her door knobs with cooking oil?

    put salt/vinegar all over her toothbrush?

    put superglue all over her toilet seat?

    put butter all over the floor?

    trip wire?

    Hide a video camera somewhere in her room?

    Tell your friends to give her some 'sweets' but actually give her Viagra Pills :L ?

    Find a spider and put it in her bed? :L

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    Idk what yall fight over between yall c: but dnt u think thats a little mean but do whatever u want

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