Boys, I need YOUR HELP.?

When in doubt, ask Yahoo Answers. And, boy oh boy, does this boy have me in doubt. About the whole purpose of humankind's existence.

He's so beautiful. OMG there's a boy at my work who is tall with dark hair and the most perfect face ever. And, to make matters worse (or better, however you wanna look at it), he is so not bothered about anything. He barely shows emotion and... *orgasm*... he never talks to anyone; is just a mysterious beautiful creature who also goes to my college and is never around any girls... WTF is up with that?!

He's not even on social networking sites so I can't stalk him. He is just so... unobtainable. <3

How do you get a boy like that?! Uh, you don't. Which just makes me want him more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HOW can I get a boy like that to notice me? Do they ever like anyone? (Btw, he's not gay so soz if you'd come to that conclusion)

What do I say to start a convo that he'd like?! I am so not cut out for this.

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    Sounds like me lol.

    Any boy is human. Let's not forget that when you put him on pedestal.

    A portion of guys are not chasers. Some are shy. Some only go for a certain type. Some are independent. Be inquisitive and assume nothing.

    Some things you have to ask and get the other person chatting.

    Do not stalk. It's ill mannered, needy, and it's inappropriate. People don't date stalkers, at least most people I know. If you want to talk to him, behave like a woman, and possibly a lady. That does not mean you show no interest; it means you don't open the floodgate, so be a bit more conservative, but be interesting and interested.

    Most people will be willing to talk to anyone when the situation comes to them. Of course, it's not necessarily love at first sight and don't expect hoping he will amount to him coming over to you and starting a conversation. I have seen too many girls lose the guy they are interested because they thought standing there like a complete lemon is attractive. People find those who are sociable more attractive and easier to get on with than others; be sociable, be open, be welcoming, be available, talk to him when he does talk to you. Giving him the cold shoulder before you have him completely hooked (if you're into the chasing game), is not a good idea i.e. stupidity may have a new meaning.

    By the way, if he is not talking to you, it won't matter even if he is interested, nothing will likely happen. People need to talk, and it can't be forced. Take up the initiative yourself. If you expect this to go anywhere, you need to be okay talking to him yourself even if he makes the first move. Most people are friendly and approachable. Have this in mind when you talk.

    Remember, most people are human.

    Hope this helps

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