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George asked in Politics & GovernmentPolitics · 8 years ago

What is David Cameron's "Big Society"?

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  • 8 years ago
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    A soundbite which he hoped would infiltrate people's minds sufficiently that they wouldn't notice that what it actually stands for is "cutting government spending on various functions and expecting the public to do it for free in the guise of some sort of contrived 'duty' expected of decent citizens".

    The irony is that he might have been succesful with it if he hadn't changed his mind over policy every other day!

    "Much like milibands one crap"

    Well, only crap if you fail to see the irony of it (which you clearly have). It is a (rather clever, in my view) hijacking of the phrase "One nation" which originally only applied to Tories (the phrase "One Nation Tory" originates from Disraeli, actually, who used to appeal to those who wanted to see divisions within society become smaller). Learn a bit of history before you jump in (and some punctuation might be nice too).

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    The NHS desires an intensive reform Labour had the possibility and failed via loss of braveness. there is a few distance too plenty duplication of administrative attempt in the NHS and if a conservative government seek for just to medical care that we will start to have the NHS we pay for. the two way it may no longer proceed how that's now serving purely it is very own pastimes no longer those of the individuals that's there to serve. Like many i could scrap the so called nursing stations which serve purely as a jangle abode and have the nurses definitely talking to sufferers as they carry out their responsibilities because of the fact in the event that they do they are waiting to circulate to stay clear of a concern until now it definitely arises or turns into extreme. the only place a nurse could be is on the ward no longer having consistent conferences and briefings

  • David Cameron's 'BIG Society' is merely just a figment of imagination in the Prime Minister's Head !


    The Incumbent Unelected Con/Dem Government of David Cameron (Con) & Nick Clegg (Dem) is 100% ACTIVELY PROMOTING SOCIAL EXCLUSION in the Poorer / Poorest Classes in Society ! The Rich are getting Richer (£s) & the Poor / Poorest are getting Poorer (Shirt Buttons) !

    Source(s): My Own Personal Opinion & General Knowledge & Common Sense !
  • Avram
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    8 years ago

    It's all about giving millionaire an extra £100.000 per year while punishing the poorest in society. We're all in it together is a cruel con. The tories always have been and always will be the nasty party, looking after the filthy rich at the expense of the most vulnerable in society.

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  • 8 years ago

    A big con (in English - in French, Scameron himself is the Gros Con.)

    It basically means withdrawing public services and trusting to the goodness of people more decent than Our Masters to ensure that vulnerable people don't die of hunger and hypothermia.

    It can also mean dodgy 'charities' that can be set up by rich bastards as a tax evasion exercise and to create non-jobs for their children which are paid for by well meaning but unwitting members of the public.

    Les nouveaux aristocrates a la guillotine!

  • 8 years ago

    A whopping gap between the rich and poor as clearly seen with the disgusting attacks on the welfare safety net while giving a 5% tax cut to the wealthiest.

  • 8 years ago

    A big fat ******* lie. To get votes.

    His "big society" is exclusive to rich business owners and bankers and those who doing **** all just inherit their money. They own big money, big property, and big tax cuts.

    The rest of us, working for our money in our frozen-salary jobs, are paying for.

    During the election process, he used this phrase to differentiate himself from Magge Thatcher who said "there is no such thing as society" and was responsible for some of the biggest gaps of wealth in Britain for decades, when actually he is just the same - an old-fashioned narrow-minded Tory with a 'it-doesnt-affect-me-so-i-dont-care' attitude to policy-making.

  • 8 years ago

    Cam the Sham has mentioned BS for Broken Society and BS for Big Society and it's all BS for Bull Sh/it.

  • Wolfie
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    8 years ago

    Work-houses, deserving/undeserving poor, no NHS, no benefits system, everything privately owned by big business, no Trades Unions or independent workers organisations, etc.

    Read something by Charles Dickens and you'll get the idea!

  • Huh?
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    8 years ago

    An excuse to scale down the benefits system and make people rely on charities instead.

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