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is david icke a vegan or vegetarian?

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    "I have been saddened on my many visits to universities to see young people in their teens who do not have a thought in their head that someone else has not put there. They stand before you after only 17 or 18 years on the planet and are already mindlessly parroting the system’s propaganda. Another robot reporting for duty. I was amazed to be told in all seriousness by a student at the prestigious Cambridge University that if you don’t eat meat you die! The fact that I was standing in front of her fit and well after many years as a vegetarian had no effect on her conviction that refusing to eat dead animals was the equivalent of suicide."

    Robots Rebellion Page 313.

    Edit~ Hey, I just answered the question. (After a web search for "David Icke vegetarian.")

    I don't even know who the guy is

    And we all know that a plant based diet doesn't mean you aren't a complete whackjob.

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    David Icke Vegetarian

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    Lol, Jen - hilarious to see David Icke talk about other people being 'mindless'.

    The man who about 20 years ago announced on a TV chatshow that he was the Son of God, claiming the earth was about to be devasted by floods and tsunamis (didn't happen).

    He also claims there is a secret group of shape-shifting reptilian humanoids called the Babylonian Brotherhood, which created and controls humanity. They take human form and include the queen, Boxcar Willie, Kris Kristofferson and a host of other public figures who, he claims, all indulge in Satanic rituals, paedophilia, kidnapping of children, drug parties and murder which they need to satisfy the reptilian blood lust which allows them to retain their temporary human form.

    He's also obscenely anti-semitic.

    Edit: Sorry, Jen; I appreciate that you simply answered the question and provided evidence. Didn't mean it to come across as an attack on you, I was just laughing at the quote (and I didn't give you that TD).

  • I didn't know he was either, but if this a little pop at my fellow brothers and sisters in the veggie club, we can come up with a longer list of nut jobs who are meat eaters. :-D

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  • 5 years ago

    he's a total phoney if not vegan... full stop !!

  • 7 years ago

    He's a complete mentalist - that's what he is.

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