Is it possible that I getting over my obsession with obsession with/attraction to transsexual women?

Recently I have noted a change in my sexual behavior.

I was obsessed with post-op transsexual women for almost a decade and always wanted to try having sex with post-op transsexuals. Most of the pornography I watched was post-op transsexual porn. I probably watched transsexual porn 9 times out of 10 dedicating a mere 10% of my pornographic activity to normal cisgender female pornography. I would think about post-op transsexuals many times per day to the point where it became an obsession and the key defining point of my sexuality.

However, recently I have experienced a change in my sexual behavior. Now 90% of the time I fantasize about normal cisgender females and feel repelled by transsexual pornography for some reason.

Recently I am much more interested or even possibly exclusively interested in normal cisgender females. Just recently I have developed a feeling of resistance against the idea of sleeping with a transsexual women.

I know that some people will say that transsexual women are women, not at all men, and therefore sleeping with transsexual women is not an act of gayness, but for me it goes beyond the simplistic "sleeping with transsexual women is not gay" argument.

I don´t believe that transsexuals are just men with surgically altered genitals, therefore I don´t believe that sleeping with a post-op transwomen would make a man gay. However, recently I feel developing inside me a predilection for what is natural. For me, what is natural feels right, it feels pure, it feels kosher for the lack of a better term. On the other hand, what is not purely natural induces feelings of uneasiness and guilt.

Since transsexual vaginas are artificially created through surgical procedures using male tissue for other purposes, they are not natural. Before I had a liking for what wasn´t natural, but now I have an inclination for what is purely rooted in nature.

What might be the cause of this radical change in sexual preference?

I only have one hypothesis so far: the natural desire to reproduce. Maybe I am at the coming of an age where biologically I am inclined towards procreation (on a subconscious level) and for that reason I have felt a impulse to distance myself from my previous transsexual fantasies.

I want input on this phenomenon.


I find it funny how certain people here say I shouldn´t be able to do certain things, for example, I shouldn´t be allowed to be near women, I shouldn´t be allowed to reproduce, etc... But guess what? My personal liberties are guaranteed by the constitution!

I also find it funny how people from the LGBT community demonize me for my previous sexual desires. I can´t help what I like. When a gay can´t help what he likes it´s all OK but whenever anyone else is into something different and through no fault of his own cannot change what he likes then it´s all different! Does that sound fair? Don´t you see your hypocrisy? People like you make me sick.

I´ve seen SRS surgery. There is nothing natural about it at all! You can´t fool me! I know that female vaginas and transsexual vaginas are not the same. You are entitled to live in a delusional fantasy if you want but I´m not going to buy into your delusions.

Update 2:

Also notice how very few people even bother to answer the question?

The question is about my changing sexual behavior, not your problems with transphobia. The whole world doesn´t revolve around you!

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    8 years ago
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    Well yeah, a lot of us change our desires and sexual attractions as time goes on and things change and you crave different things. From what you've said I think you've become ashamed of your attraction to transgender woman. While I don't think you should be ashamed of that, it's nothing you have to go public about or anything.

    My tip: Don't over think it. You're attracted to naturally born women now, so go ahead with that. I'm sure it would do you more to find a girlfriend, a wife, and someone who can have children with you. What would be wrong would be to carry on with naturally born women when you're not attracted to them at all, but that's not the case here.

  • 8 years ago

    "transsexual vaginas are artificially created through surgical procedures using male tissue for other purposes, they are not natural"

    wrong! Both sets of genitalia are homologous tissues. A fetus starts out with the ability to become either female or male physically, as a result of what sex hormones they are exposed to. There is no such thing as male or female tissue. In terms of genitalia it's all the same stuff, it only becomes differentiated by sex hormones. In otherwords your penis is merely a mutated version of what would of been a clitoris and your scrotum is what would have been labia. It's the same tissue.

    Transsexual women are women, your incorrect usage of the word "transsexual" as a noun instead of an adjective is offensive.

    Furthermore you are disgusting and fetishistic. You fetish women suffering with a legitimate birth condition, you other them as different and make them the focus of your perverted fantasies.

    You shouldn't be allowed to be near any women, cisgendered or otherwise. Women are beautiful and deserve respect. You're not capable of that, you treat women like sexual play things. Then you come here and insult an entire group of people suffering with a birth defect, by calling them "unnatural".

    In conclusion, no one cares about your creepy fetishistic desires, your entire premise of transsexual women are unnatural and therefore impure etc, is WRONG to begin with.

    I hope no woman should fall victim and be tricked into being with a person like you.

  • 8 years ago

    It just sounds like you're an ***. Fetishizing transsexual women is bad enough, but now you're suddenly against them for being "unnatural". Both are incredibly wrong and disrespectful. Whatever you do, don't reproduce. I don't care why you had the sudden change. Just keep your genes out of the collective pool.

  • Emma
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    8 years ago

    "What might be the cause of this radical change in sexual preference?"

    It's not a change in sexual preference, it is a transfer/shift of your focus in your on going sex/porn addiction.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    The only input I can offer is to suggest you see a psychologist or psychiatrist. Attraction to a transsexual is not an orientation but a fetish.

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