How will Aaron Rodgers new deal be any less crippling to his team than Joe Flacco's?

Assuming he does receive over 24 million a year as some reports suggest. Making him the highest paid QB in NFL history.

I don't understand how people can say Flacco killed the Ravens chances next year because they can't sign anyone *Elvis Dumervill/Michael Huff/Chris Canty/Marcus Spears* (better off-season than my Panthers for sure)

How does Rodgers help his team anymore than Flacco?

Is the reason because Rodgers is better, therefore he should be paid more? Then how can people use the argument that Flacco kills his teams salary if Rodgers will get paid more. technically being an even bigger "detriment" to his teams ability to sign high priced free agents.

Drew Brees got the same flak last season when he signed his new deal with the Saints. He's a top 3 quarterback.


I don't think Flacco is simply slightly above average though. There was nothing average about his performance in the postseason. How many times has he come up HUGE for them when they needed it most? He contributes far more to the Ravens sucess than stats will tell you. The Ravens offense did not allow Flacco to throw the ball 100 times a game like Brees and Stafford. He can't put up the stats that they do. If we're calling Flacco average because he never threw for over 4000 yards then thats blantantly wrong. He'd have topped that this year if

A. He had the same amount of attempts as Brady, Brees, Ryan

B. He'd just played the entire last game of the season against the Bengals which he sat out all but a few series.

I consider Flacco an premier NFL quarterback. Idk why people still think he's just average, he's proved otherwise so many times.

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    well, its pretty easy actually. well, i cant run by the numbers because its in the actual contract. but lets start off with the overall numbers. lets say rodgers gets a deal for $140 million for however long flacco's is. the money is back-loaded. flacco will make about $6 million base salary for the next for years. lets say that rodgers gets $8 simply because hes better... idk. after those 4 years, the salary for flacco jumps to over $20 million for the rest of the contract. usually, 99.999% of the time, the contracts will get restructured and the player will never see that money. usually over 50% of the total contract is in bonuses. i think about 52% of romos new deals is bonus money. those are generally averaged though. these bonuses usually involve things like post-season play such as making it to the playoffs, playoff wins, getting to the super bowl, winning the super bowl, being mvp of the afc/super bowl, a td is $x amount, you get $x amount for every 100 yards per game, you get $x if you get over 1000 (2000, 3000, etc). these also include regular season numbers as well. but again, its usually in the contract so we will most likely never know how much the player would make. now, back to the 2 players, because post season play in contracts are generally more valued over regular season bonuses since they are harder to achieve, flacco, based on his playoff success would tend to get more out of his contract rather than rodgers.

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    First off Rodgers is far better than Flacco, and that is the main difference, if you have the best in player in the most important position in the league (Rodgers) of cause he should get payed. If you have a guy that is slightly above average (Flacco) of cause he should not get payed that much.

    Flacco will kill cap because he is payed more than he makes the team better by, if Rodgers get payed 5M more than Flacco but he makes the team better by 10M then Rodgers is still on the better contract.

    Brees deal was a bit high for what the Saints could have hoped, but that deal at least made sense, Ravens would have been better of franchising Flacco and making him earn it in 2013 or letting him walk than signing him to that monster deal.

    @AD's - He had a sub 60% completion percentage, a stat where he was lower than Eli Manning who was considered to have one of his poorer seasons. sub 90 passer rating. Both these are categories that would be expected to decline with more attempts as his lower attempts make defenses focus on Ray Rice.

    Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Drew Brees, Eli Manning, Tony Romo, Matt Ryan, Ben Roethlisberger, Matt Schaub, Phillip Rivers and young guys Robert Griffin III, Russell Wilson, Colin Kaepernick are all better than Flacco, that is 13 players, so I find slightly above average about right, the company that Flacco belongs in is that of Newton, Freeman, Cutler and Dalton.

    A last stat to convince you Flacco was 22nd on ESPN's total QBR, while stats doesn't tell the true story they say enough to tell anybody that Flacco is not a top 10 QB.

    @Chiefs & Nachos - I'm sorry to tell you that the owners does not believe that will happen -

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    Green Bay has more cap space than they did. But it's still taking a huge effect. Pack lost Jennings, and Woodson and will lose more players in the coming years. But they are retaining the best QB in the NFL, and Clay Matthews, but they still have to figure out something with B.J. Raji. But it seems like Raji is a dispensable player to them. We just have to wait and see.

    He gave a performance in the postseason that was worth his contract. I agree on that. I personally think he's a slightly above average regular season QB. I don't necessarily think he deserves the contract he got. I think he should of been behind Manning and Brees. Eli Manning should be the highest paid QB if we went off postseason performances. But he's not. I also think their old offensive coordinator was an idiot. I think it's possible with whoever they have now, that he might do a lot better, considering his performance in the playoffs was weeks after having a new coordinator. It'll be interesting to see how this turns out.

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    Those people fail to recognize that the NFL's new $27 billion tv deal (a 60% increase over the current deal) kicks in next year with an extra $7 billion in TV money being dispersed among the teams next season alone. The salary cap/salary floor is going to skyrocket accordingly. Once the new cap starts, those contracts won't be any more detrimental than a $13 or $14 million dollar a year deal under the current salary cap.

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    It depends on his work ethic during every offseason. If Aaron Rodgers works hard and performs very well in practice every day, he will greatly improve his chances of becoming an elite NFL quarterback for the Green Bay Packers in the future.

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