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If North Korea attack South Korea will U.S.A get involved?

Is that what North Korea wants? To say U.S.A are getting involved in something which doesn't concern them in order for a war and to make sure they don't get N.A.T.O backing and so that China helps them?

If so smart but also stupid. Because that eliminate some of their potential support [ I'm guessing France and U.K will still help out ] and gives them a powerful Allie in China also.


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    John Ashtone above me is right, I think.

    China will not want the USA meddling in the region, and will send a delegation to the American Embassy not to get involved. America will then say to China - well, can you do any better?

    If Kim Jung Un does not stand down, then in the fraternal interests of the peoples of the region, and our common cultural bond and to restore peace and harmony in the region, the Chinese red army can invade, and the Americans will sit on their hands when it comes to the UN vote.

    What would be interesting is what happens next. South Korea and China have no major disagreement, being more competitors than enemies. It would be in China's interest to ask South Korea to consider a much closer trade and political harmonisation in exchange for control over North Korea and sovereign autonomy for the Liberated Korean People's Republic, with the South Korean flag, symbolising the Chinese gift of harmony (and the Chinese no longer wish to eliminate their ancient cultural emblems, wherever they serve the People).

    How would America or Japan react to this? Would either be strong enough to put up any more than a token diplomatic protest?

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    So North Korea could invade South Korea and not attack the 50,000 or so US troops there? The Question is would China help North Korea or would they pressure them to pull back and drop the whole idea being how much damage a war with the US could do to their economy?

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    USA would automatically be involved because of all the US troops in South Korea, not to mention treaty obligations.

    USA, S. Korea and Japan would crush N. Korea, and if China got involved, it would be nuclear war, so I don't think China would get involved, because I don't think China would give N. Korea the go ahead to invade S. Korea, so actually N. Korea won't attack S. Korea. It's just not going to happen.

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    NATO does not cover the Korean Peninsula (it's not called the North *Atlantic* Treaty Organization on a whim). The United States has forces in and a defense treaty with South Korea, another Korean war would certainly concern it and no country that is not already a US opponent would fault it for getting involved.

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    You know back in 1950 just at the end of the war the North of Korea invaded the South. It was one of the UNs first problems. America and Britain came to the aid of the South.

    I dare say history will repeat itself. Without question.I don't know if that is what NK wants ? Probably.

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    The Chinese will intervene on South Korea's side, the Chinese do not want any war in their area (well not that is not in their own best interest) and it is not in anyones interest outside of North Korea for there to be war.

    North Korea does not have the money to go to war, not that this would stop them, but they would gain nothing, and lose any support from China, should they go ahead and invade South Korea, then it would end that wretched regime in the North.

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    Depends on Obama.

  • IVOR
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    Yes !!

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