Racism is making me racist?

As I've been growing up I notice more about what is going on around me.

The oppression of certain races.

The pointless wars caused by other races.

How the media manipulates our minds so we think negatively of minorities.

Invading countries to "help" them out, but ending up making things even worse, soldiers behaving like animals, inflicting pain on ordinary people.

I've come across many racist Caucasian people. Because I have white skin, no one is directly racist to me however people think they can speak racist things about others to me. (I'm Mediterranean so I tend to blend I suppose)..

This is starting to make me have racist thoughts- not about minorities, but about Caucasians. I've come across many ignorant people who think they are the superior race because they are white.

Indeed the evil people of your race have a disgusting ongoing history of oppressing, invading, stealing oil and stealing the riches of most countries. And when I come across a Caucasian who casually says a racist comment about Black people, Asian people, Muslim or Sikh etc... It makes my blood boil with anger. And I just think racist thoughts about the poor ignorant Caucasian who just said that.

A few rotten people ruin it for the rest of them. I understand that not all white people are racist and ignorant. But I've come across a good few (I worked in a pub where people would casually say racist things around me about others because they didn't realise i wasn't Caucasian). Anyway I feel like other people's racism is making me racist.

My Muslim friend had an argument with a cacuasion person, who asked my friend "what religion are you?" In the middle of the argument, she replied "I'm a Muslim"...and the woman said "so that's why you behave this way". All she had done was stick up for herself by not allowing the woman to jump the que. she spoke up and told her to go to the back.

I feel like cacuasion people's racism is making me racist.

Anyone else experiencing this?

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    8 years ago
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    You're a realist and I really respect that. I know it's hard seeing the few racists in your race talk and demean other races like that and I'm sorry that bc of this, everyone thinks white people as a whole are racist. But all you can do is stay thinking the same way you are now. It's annoying when some white people always try to act like they're all innocent and get mad when minorities play the race card. Ummm... maybe if the majority of them wasn't racist in the first place, then we wouldn't have to play anything. But one thing you can do is defend a minority if they are being talked to like that. We need people like that to help combat racism. I know you may be judged by your fellow white peers, but at least you will be helping with the progression of making our society a better place.

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    4 years ago

    given which you;re no longer Black, or so it could seem. And yeah. each time somebody makes use of the Race Card innapropriately, i think like shouting, THANK GOD! It sounds like we've finally resolved all the substantive Race subject concerns! It does get slightly annoying whilst somebody blames the soggy French Fries he have been given at McDonalds on Racism.

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    8 years ago

    Yes. Been on the verge due to to the internet and huge amount of racist comments against minorities. Many don't use the n-word or '****' or such, but the condescending hatred is even more obvious as sentences. Compounding the anger is their absurd denial of being racist. Like one of them spews something horribly derogatory about Mexicans, then you call him/her a racist, to be told you're 'just playing the race-card'. Think about it though, how can you not get furious about haters who're also liars? It starts resembling morally cheap people, or sociopaths.

    Plus, the missing white woman syndrome. The white store manager 'syndrome', etc. Once you start seeing things, and on top of that hear many whites complain about affirmative action and even call that 'racism' against whites, and are also quick to label things 'reverse racism' or 'anti-white', it can get overwhelming, and becoming a "counter" racist seems the only recourse. Being nice didn't work. But that never worked, look at the native Americans or black slaves. Each group repressed by whites have had mostly nice members. So we're basically hating assholes, while they're hating minorities for no reason, or they make up reasons as they go along. Like blacks, who were despised while being used as slaves. Today it's supposedly because they're 'criminals'.

    There's more. For example after the massacre at Virginia Tech made the news, racist online comments toward Asians surged noticeably. Similarly, after the Madoff scandal, anti-semitic online comments surged noticeably. But not once, regardless of crime or criminal, does it seem racist comments against whites have surged noticeably. Say after the Enron scandal, did you see a surge in anti-white comments online? Never mind 9/11 and the hatred of Middle Easterners. The attacks on sikh cab driver and massacre at the temple. Yet, talk radio only reports anti-white crimes, often of smaller scales. What are you supposed to do? Celebrate?

    Icing on the cake, must be that those very white supremacists are fast/est and flippant about whining about anti-white racism themselves, even where it doesn't exist, at all. I.e. not discrimination by law enforcement, job or school discrimination, or such. Rather they whine about anti-white racism when it comes to Counter-discrimination policies, such as Affirmative Action. How much hate and absurdum are you supposed to just take?

    Also, most racist comments online get very high user ratings by other readers. It leads to the impression that most other whites online don't care, or are racist themselves. Not caring means the racists get away, which isn't much better.

    Source(s): To other readers, notice that the asker still separates racist Caucasians from other Caucasians, despite being fed up. White racists do Not make such distinctions, or some do it but rarely and/or only for some groups, and due to already being convinced being superior.
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    wow wow!! Take it easy there for a minute. So many things you said that kind of threw me off. First of all, there are racist people within every culture and every race lets get that straight! Muslims is a religion not a race so what are u talking about when u made this comment: "My Muslim friend had an argument with a cacuasion person, who asked my friend "what religion are you?" In the middle of the argument, she replied "I'm a Muslim"...and the woman said "so that's why you behave this way". All she had done was stick up for herself by not allowing the woman to jump the que. she spoke up and told her to go to the back." Thats not racism that is islamophobia!! Check up on it. Second of all, there are racist people within every culture and every race so do not assume that only whites are racist. Second of all, I as a white woman experienced racism and us as white people we recive it to and we get attacked. I remember when i was walking home from visitng my friend in Harlem, NYC and a whole bunch of black guys attacked a white guy severely! The poor guy was bleeding severely everything was stolen and he was left on his own with blood coming out of everywhere and his clothes ripped apart! This happened last summer and i saw it with my own eyes! It happens with everyone okay?? And yes there are racist white people just like there are racist black people! Let me give u the example of "professor" Kamaou Kambon who said Eliminate white people off the face of the earth! It was all over the news go on youtube and search it please. So now lets get back to what u said about this ridiculous comment that you made here "I feel like cacuasion people's racism is making me racist." It is your ignorance that is making you racist because you never look at anything good that has happened throughout history only bad! did you know that during the civil rights era lots of white people walked down with blacks and supported them in their views of equality and no segregation? Did you know that many of them also died because they tried to support them? Stop being so closed minded and only looking at the bad things because like that u will never discover good people. You will only bring negativity around you if you have these horrible thoughts.

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  • 8 years ago

    Yes. Absolutely.

  • 8 years ago

    Yes I understand what you mean, I have felt the same way at times. It seems to me that a lot of people throw out those racist comments without thinking about the fact their own people are the cause of certain things being the way they are. People will claim that racism is only something blacks see out of paranoia, but remember these same people will tell you there is truth in every stereotype about every other race except theirs.

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    8 years ago

    I understand how you feel and agree with you all the way. Racism is wrong , regardless of what the justification behind it is. A ton of caucasian people have mentioned racist comments to me as well , and yet i posses a heritage that is immediateness. They do not know this, but i know what it feels like to be both a minority and a majority in the united states . So when they mention a racial prejudice towards blacks or latinos or asians , it does make my blood boil but by any means will I NEVER sink to the same level of racism as them... and here is why..

    People who are racist are nothing more than emotionally underdeveloped and under educated. They posses insecurities that can be linked to cultural influences , fear, maybe bad passed experieinces so they jump to hasty generalizations and encompass whatever negative stereotype about whatever race they can in order to feel that their insecurities are justifiable. they never learn to deal with the actual insecurity itself, instead they blame an entire race of people . These are the same people who believe stereotypes have some form of truth to them , and are the same people who have the tendency to have a "preference" to sticking to their own kind.

    Racism comes from all sides of the spectrum, but it is important to avoid that form of hate at all costs. Because those who hate due to race , hate themselves indeed . They live their lives in fear and ignorance and lack the emotional development it takes to establish a good relationship with the people around them, especially with those who dont meet a stereotype. Furthermore, living life as a racist takes too much energy and can restrict someone from enjoying the grand colorful civilization that we live in.

    In the long run, nothing is gained by being racist. If anything , more is lost. Good friendships, job advancements, comfort, unionship, an appreciation for difference - is all lost .

    Instead all that is really gained is ignorance, fear and hate.

    That is no way to live . I also agree with you that there is an overwhelming amount of caucasians especially who are ignorant and racist. They (not all of them) live at the top of the ladder and are used to indulging a lifestyle that cators to them. The country practically worships white and puts it under such a positive light. Everywhere you go everything is white dominated, you dont have to look far to get a full white cast in a movie , let alone an entire isle dedicated to white culture.

    But hear me out when I say this ..

    the ignorance they live in is very unhealthy. They are no better than any other race. They are not smarter, and they are not better looking. They are bound to the balance of nature as we all are. They only are able to live better lifestyles and obtain an education because their lives were laid out for them, but the price they pay is their amount of ignorance .

    Don't let them affect you because you have gained so much more out of life than they ever will. True maturity - none of them will ever admit they are racist of course, and some of them know its wrong but still continue to do it because they have issues they dont want to learn to deal with - but you are going to live your life to the fullest . They may get praise from society, people may call them "Confident" "smart" "beautiful" just because they're white or because their entire life was laid out for them. But deep down, the reality is we all know that they aren't any better, they were just given more than they disserve.

    Live your life, not all white people are bad, there are some out there who know racism is wrong as well. they're out there.

  • I'm a black... WOMAN.I am starting not to like them either... Because everything on the internet, even when you try to search something positive, is just flooded with racism. Especially when you type in anything that has to do with black females, white people flood the forum and insult the **** out of us. I am starting to hate and look down on these fools. Then they are SO hypocritical, because they love to cry racist, yet are the most racist people on the internet behind closed doors where they are safe. So that also makes them two faced. I hate them now. I didn't before, but the internet reveals to me a lot about their mindset and opinion and I don't care. I don't care that people say "Oh it's just internet", the internet helps you understand how other races feel because they aren't bold enough to say it to your face... Other than that, being a white skin black person also helps you see how whites really feel. Because whites are ignorant to the diversity of blacks, they will walk up to our paler skin blacks and talk mad ish about black people. Not mix people, they walk up to and mistaken blacks who are pale skinned for either being biracial or another race, because they don't know crap about us(despite sharing a country with us for centuries and having better education of our genetic diversity, and racial stereotyping) they will expose all of their ill feelings towards blacks to a black of paler skin blacks and that's usually how the darker ones find out how they really feel about us, or are able to pinpoint the closet racist on the job or in the school.

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    Wow u truly speak from ur heart and I knw u gonna get a lot of rude comments from people but ignore them...I totally agree with u even though they will all try and defend themselves even though its true...I've never experienced more racism from ppl than white ppl I knw all of them aren't to blame but a few rotten apples can spoil the whole bunch...

    Source(s): I'm black...
  • 8 years ago

    many people are anti Muslim - in USA especially and here in UK - it makes me angry too but you haven't noticed that its Jewish owned media that is perpetuating it have you - you just want to blame "white people" you haven't looked deeply into this political can of worms

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