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How to hide self harm cuts without sleeves or bracelets?

Before you lecture me it was one slip up. I've just come out of hospital after receiving treatment for depression and stuff for nine months and it has been half a year since I last cut. I was feeling stressed and I just snapped but I felt so crap after it that I know for a fact it's not going to happen again. Thing is I'm going for a prom dress fitting on Friday ... It's scabbed over so when I put makeup on it you can see the scab and if I wear bracelets that'll just draw mum's attention to it more and it's too far up the arm for them to cover it anyway. I would just be honest with her but this would break her. I had counselling in the summer two years ago which didn't work so afterwards I kept in cutting. Then she saw and sent me to hospital. If she sees again after nine months ... I couldn't do that to her and I know there's no reason for me to tell her anyway because it won't happen again. I'm sure of it after how sick I feel with myself for breaking such a good streak.

Does anybody have any way I can hide the cuts on my arm at all? I have concealer but does anybody know a different technique that could maybe cover it more effectively? Or any home remedies to get the scabbing off quicker? Just anything, please

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    When u shower use a body scrub that is really rough, it'll help take those scabs off and make it just scars left behind.

    Use neosporin every day, like keep it on your cuts.

    Good luck :)

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  • 7 years ago

    Firstly i hope you get better and im sure you will remember there are always people hear for you that will help even when you feel like there isnt and nobody understands xxx

    Secondly i always just put makeup ontop or place a bobble there i personley think that the braclet works good

    I suppose you will have to try and hope for the best

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    Placed on makeup, i know you requested for without it but i believe it is the pleasant answer also one day when you want to cut are trying the butterfly undertaking.What you do is when you want to reduce you're taking a marker and you draw a butterfly and you name it after the character that needs you to stop. You can’t take the butterfly off, you have to let it fade. When you cut even as you may have the butterfly, you’ve killed the butterfly. That you would be able to draw as many as you wish to have or which you can simply draw one to help the suggestion

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  • 7 years ago

    Vasaline helps. But you really need to stop doing this and never think about doing it again. You're only hurting your self and the people who care about you.

    My sister did the same thing. She said she did it because she was sad, mad, depressed and she said I'd rather do it to me than someone else. My causin helped her to get into a gym to take her mind off of things and now she hasn't cutt in 3 years because of the gym and all the nice people there.

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    I'm not sure if it helps, but I read somewhere that baby oil helps with scars in general. And potato slices and/or banana slices.

    Also anything with vitamin e

    Like I said, I'm not sure because I've never tried them but it may help.

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