Easiest Universities to get into in Canada?

I don't have the highest gpa and I was just wondering what the easiest Universities were to get into and if so what programs/faculties?


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  • 8 years ago
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    Definitely look into the prairies. University of Manitoba, University of Brandon, University of Winnipeg, University of Saskatchewan, and University of Regina all have fairly low entrance standards. If you're a Manitoba resident, the U of M will let you into their University 1 program with averages as low as 60%.

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    4 years ago

    Do darn excellent job in twelfth. Focal point, focal point, center of attention. Take a scan to discover how you truely be trained.Different people learn special ways. Do not be afraid to ask. Some colleges have like a probation to permit people with low G.P.As. You don't need to out on the treatment as quickly as you enter university. That you may normally take the other required publications for commencement and do just right in an effort to get into the university of medication. That you could additionally go to a community tuition, do excellent and then switch although it can be seemingly that all your credits is not going to transfer to an college. That you may also ensure you do an quality job on the ACT/SAT. There are books on the library for these exams.

  • gin
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    8 years ago

    Try SAIT Polytechnic in Alberta.

    The minimum required grade is 50%, most 60%. It isn't a university, but it's basically recognized as one. It's a trade school. It has transfer programs all over Alberta to different universities, and In Alberta they don't distinguish between SAIT and a normal university.

    I personally recommend the engineering major. Although it's 60% average to get in, and you may need higher depending on who applies, try your luck. If it doesn't work, major in something else.

    Everything at SAIT, however, is either buisness, a trade, or engineering. But all of their programs are only 2 years.

  • 8 years ago

    Maybe one of the university colleges in BC for an Arts programme

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