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Removing water from large quantities of oil???????

I have around 200 Litres of oil after removing water, a little moisture is left,

what is the best method to remove it?

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    It is highly probable that this small water is existing as an oil-water emulsion. If you have been successful to remove the major part of the water - suggest do not disturb the oil-water mixture. If water has separated at the bottom , carefully, either drain the bottom layer of water + oil from bottom or siphon out oil from top depending on facilities available.

    Having done above, handle the oil+water emulsion separately.

    You can not remove 100% water by physical separation - you have to take a call how far you would like to go. Even after removing emulsion you will still have some water dispersed in water.

    How to break the emulsion

    You can break the emulsion once separated by giving a hot brine wash and recover oil from the emulsion.

    Mild heating under vacuum can remove moisture from oil. But this has to be a local call considering all pros and cons.

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    7 years ago

    freeze it

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