Omnivore's Dilemma Questions?


What is the omnivore’s dilemma and why has does Pollan think it has gotten more complicated recently?

Chapter 1

Why does Pollan call Americans “people of corn”? What advantages and disadvantages are there to our current corn rich diet?

Chapter 2

How has corn changed the look of farms and what is grown there? Why has this change happened? What are the advantages and disadvantages to this type of farming?

Chapter 3

Why does Pollan say “In terms of energy, the modern farm is a losing proposition”? (pg 32 and chart)

Explain the sub-title on pg 37 “The High Price of Cheap Corn”.

Chapter 4

What are some of the challenges caused by the enormous production of corn in America? How have those challenges been solved by companies like Cargill and ADM? What are some potential consequences to the fact that Cargill and ADM have so much control over the production and distribution of corn and the writing of the laws about farming?

Chapter 5

Why is it bad for cows to eat corn? Why is it healthy for cows to eat grass?

Why is it healthier for humans to eat cows that have been fed grass?

Chapter 6

Why is processing food a good thing for food companies like General Mills?

Why does Pollan call fake food “corn’s final victory”? (page 75)

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    Read the book, all the answers to your questions are there. It's cheating to ask those of us who have read the book to do your home work for you. Quit being lazy and do your own work dammit.

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