Can you drink soda after vomiting?

it's been 26 hrs roughly since I last vomited, I am wondering if I can drink a bit of soda - by soda I'm referring to Coke (I don't have anything other). Should I try a can? Or should I wait a little longer to drink it? I could stir it in a cup until its flat - i heard its better to drink flat stuff after vomiting?

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  • 8 years ago
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    Apparently sipping carbonated soda especially coke is very soothing to the throat and will take your mind off feeling sick. It also prevent nausea which sometimes cause you to vomit. I have heard flat coke will cure coughing but I still prefer carbonated coke even for coughing to sooth the sore throat. Don't drink too fast, just take small sip, it will help *

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    year in the past, coca cola syrup became used to settle your abdomen, so i think of the coke could be superb. do no longer positioned ice in it an drink it slowly. I do desire you forced your self to drink water, ginger ale or Gatorade on an identical time as you have been ill to maintain your self hydrated.

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