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My adopted family drives me crazy?

my parents couldn't have kids so they adopted me when I was a baby. I'm 15 now and it's been really good up until 16 months ago. I got injured very bad playing volleyball and it took doctors over a year to figure out why my hand wouldn't function correctly. I have surgery in December and then I was put in therapy for it. the pain never went away. this was the cause of all the stress on my family.

after the surgery, my dad believed that I would be 100% as soon as I was released. it's been three months and it still hurts so

much I wanna cry when I write and being 15 and in highschool that's not good. I'm failing most of my classes because I can't write well. when I tell him it hurts, his response is "put some ice on it." I've been doing that daily. when I say that doesn't help, his response is "suck it up, you're fine." my arm is literally bruised and swollen so much it draws attention.

my parents show child favoritism. my brother is 18 and just started college. he is such a screw up. he throws parties whenever were gone and him and his friends just sit around and drink and do dip. the last party he threw, he let some drunk guy have sex in MY bed. needless to say, I came home to my room DESTROYED. he also recently got a demon of a puppy. 1. it chews EVERYTHING. he even bit my boyfriends broken arm. 2. it's not house trained and today it went to the bathroom in my bedroom and my mom yelled at me. 3. it tripped me going down the stairs and all my brother did was laugh.

my mom works 5:30-3:30 everyday. she's a 6th grade teacher. I get that it's a stressful job and all but coming home unhappy and taking it out on your family is wrong.

they drive me so insane. I wish a different family had gotten me as a baby. what do I do?

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    Trust me honey you should be loving this. It's a sign that their your family! You've gotta love them. Just sit 'em down and explain how it's hurting your feelings. Be serious too.

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    To tell you the truth, it sound like a normal family. It is the normal pains about adolescence that most kids go through even between blood related family members. Fathers usually feel that way that physical exertions are the cure to everything because they have no real way to solve it or do not know how to relate to their daughters. I best answer is to do just as every other teenager does. Hang out with friends, get good grades and move to a far away college. Funny thing is you will actually start missing them when you move out. Well, probably all but the dog.

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    Many bio families are really no different than your family (favoritism, stress, etc). So being adopted isnt the issue.

    You need to talk to a doctor about your arm. That is not normal this many months later (swelling and bruising).

    Talk to your mom and dad about the issue your are having with them and your brother. Otherwise, all you can really do is suck it up til you are 18 (you can move out before 18 but you would be considered a runaway unless you were legally emancipated).

    Source(s): I was adopted and love my life with my adoptive family. Have our ups and downs like most families, but we survive and make up for it. :)
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    Maria, it's time to sit down with Mom and Dad and talk. Maybe they don't fully realize the difficulty you are having with your hand and in school because of it. Show them the bruising and the swelling, show them that there is still something wrong!

    Mom and Dad, and you too, need to talk with your teachers about your limitations right now and see what can be done. Maybe some extra work to make up grades or giving an oral report instead of written. It would help if Mom and Dad talked to the teacher along with some sort of letter from your doctor to make it official.

    Parents sometimes treat boys different than girls. That could be why your brother seems to get away with more. Talk to them about it. Now, don't rat him out but tell them you feel the communication they have with him is different than with you. And listen to them. They need to listen to you and You need to listen to them.

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    You sound like you are taking your situation for granted. Just be ******* happy you aren't in and out of foster homes you ungrateful little bastard.

  • Talk to your parents. Explain all of this to them and tell them how you feel.

    Source(s): Things will get better!
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    See a doctor, pass exams, leave home.

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