Explain 4 differences between Muslims and Jews. (using as many descriptive words as possible)?

i have a social studies test tomorrow and I'm stuck on this one question. PLEASE help(:

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    Muslims follow the religion of Islam while Jews follow Judaism.

    Jews reject Jesus and Muhammad, while Muslims view both as messengers of God.

    A person can be a Jew if he or she has a Jewish mother (or father amongst some groups) or if he or she converts to Judaism after study then undergoing the 'conversion' process. Muslim is any person who accepts and declares that there is not God but Allah and Prophet Mohammed is the Last and final Messenger of God.

    Muslims believe in the existence of hell and the devil while Jews do not.

    Muslims do not consume pork or alcohol. Jews have no prohibition against drinking alcohol and pork is just one of countless types of meat that is not allowed in Judaism.

    Islam is based on complete submission to The Creator while Jews are required to question everything.

    The Jewish scriptures are called the Tanach and the Muslim scriptures are called the Qu'ran.

    There are five important differences between moslems and Jew.first being jew is a matter of racial nd ethnic background.while being a muslim is a matter of faith. You an be a muslim no matter your race or tribe, but one must have the jewish blood to be jew. In other words, the word Jew describes both a relligion and a tribe while the word muslim describes a religious affliation only. So any human(including non-human as lon as its sane) can be a muslim.

    Secondly, jews do not believe in the chief prophet of islam, Prophet Muhammed , but muslims believe in all the jewish great Prophets. Similarly, muslims take the jewish holybook of Torah as a revealed book from God which was corruted overtime by the jew,but the Jews do not accept the Muslims holy book of Quran as a revealed scripture.

    Thirdly, Muslims believe all religions and forms of worship is from God, that it was later when people corrupt the revealed religions that another fresh message is sent down with Islam s the final one. In this regard Muslims believe every race have had a prophet sent to them at one time or the other. Where as the Jews hold that they are the only chosen people of God who had ever get a prophet sent to them.

    Fouthly, in our modern times the jews are divided into two in terms of believe in God: there are the Zionist Jews who no longer believe in God and there are the Torah Jews who still adhere to devine message. On the other hand all confessed muslims believe in God no matter their doctrinal differences.




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    the significant huge difference the following is Jesus - contained in the Jewish faith a Messiah is a element and parcel of the conception, coming right down to earth on the great of days to make stronger the useless, yet, it truly is not Jesus Christ who's a non-entity in Judaism (inspite of the very truth the he became Jewish). Jews shop on with the former testomony and the Talmud and Mishna. Messianic Jews connect most of the options of the Jewish faith with the addition of a few commentaries on Christian scripture (ask your brother) and maximum seriously, carry that Jesus Christ (Yoshua) is the Messiah and savior. And Christians shop on with the former and new testaments and carry that Jesus is the Messiah and savior. bypass to Wikipedia for the finer data. Messianic Jews evaluate themselves Jews, Jews specially do not agree that they are.

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    That's like asking an American the difference between Chinese and Japanese

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