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Getting prescription anti anxiety medicine in the UK?

Hi guys I suffer from social anxiety disorder which I have yet to see the doctor for, in small minor situations at work sometimes I have panic attacks causing me to hyperventilate and compulsive negative thoughts. As I work for agencies this hasn't been a problem because when I have a bad day at work I have a few days away from working again which allows me the regain my composure though I do compulsivly replay the situation in my head which eventually goes away after a few days. I also suffer from insomnia which isn't a problem as I only work a few times a week which means I can get through the days I work by on little sleep and make up for it on days off.

I am going abroad for a 3 week job which is the first time away from home for me and am worried because my mother is severly ill and don't want to be away from her, so I'm seeing my doctor about getting anti-anxiety medication for both the short and long term. A friend has given me some of his prescription Temazepam which sometimes when I work I take 2 in the morning and 2 in the afternoon which comepletely helps my anxiety.

My questions are what specific medication/help would he prescribe me in the short term (for the 3 weeks) and also in the long term?

Would it be possible to straight out ask for Temazepam or other benzos in 4 daily doses for the short term 3 weeks, telling my doctor I have been using a friends prescription because I don't want it to seem like I have and an addiction or recreational use for them?

I just want them for these 3 weeks, then get his guidance in getting proper help.


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    As it is only for short term usage, see your GP and ask for a benzo like diazepam. As he is unaware of your current mental conditions as you are yet to see him, and have never taken bentos before, he may be a bit cautious as most drs like to monitor you closely especially when you are taking a new psychiatric med. but just ask him what's the worst that could happen? For the long term, you may want to consider an anti depressant that can also help relieve anxiety such as sertraline or venlafaxine. Or maybe pregabalin. I'm currently on pregabalin which is used for epilepsy and anxiety, and it has helped me greatly. I take it in conjunction with mirtazapine which also helps with my anxiety

    Source(s): Have Been on diazepam and lorazepam Been on sertraline, citalopram and fluoxetine Currently on mirtazapine and pregabalin
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