is online poker rigged? (Pokerstars)?

I play at pokerstars using their software, i seem to have alot of bad beats, just now i had top pair 10's and only 1 spade on flop, i push all in and the person calls and catches a flush last two cards, also recently i complained to pokerstars as i played a cash game, lost 3 times within 1 hour of playing against the same hand (AA) 3 times and I also was paired with pocket pair, first i had KK, second time i lost with JJ, third time i lost on 10 10 pre-flop all in $10 in 25c/50c blinds texas hold'em no limit cash games, why is their bad beats like this after winning a tournament which i came 4th and won $30 before all this, and "surprise surprise" after that win, i lose after against all this stuff mentioned above, can someone help explain?

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  • 8 years ago
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    Don't listen to pdq, he is a utter moron. Yes you play more hands per hour online than live, but you should still have your share of NON-beats as well, yet how come you always get outdrawn by the riv like 7 out of 10 times?

    I play live tournament poker, and ive played at least 50 this year 2013 so far. they all spanned average 8-12 hours long. That means i've played at least 400 hours of live poker. I can tell u the more i play online the more i realize its rigged as hell. I see more BS hands in 1 hour of online play than I do in 400 hours of live tournament play. Is it because theres more donks online than live? thats y u get sucked out more? not a fat chance!! theres just as many donks in live poker, but the difference is when they chase, they dont hit squat 7 out of 10 times they hit nothing and u value bet ur best hand from the flop.

    Let me give you some stats. my last 8 out of 10 AAs were cracked by 1 caller, all in preflop. my last 8 out of 10 KK were cracked all in preflop, but just the dumbest hands like A4, or a set, or even J8 beat me with trip 8s. I just got done with a 6ppl sng, and some idiot donky goes all in 3 times on a gut straight. he hits it all 3 times? wtf? his 4 outer? 8% chance to win? 8 out of 100 hands hell win, but come on, he hits it 3 times out of 3?

    in live tournaments i crush donks like nothing. its so funny when u get AA in live poker, u think omg yes and u dont hesitate to go all in preflop, and u lose, well thats just poker. Let me tell you this, 9 out of 10 AA in live poker HELD UP. i only got bad beat ONCE, yes 90% win with AA, its so beautiful, but when u get AA online, u hope nobody calls u all the way to showdown cuz u think well how am i gonna get screwed this time? online, u think ah damn, i got AA i have to play these but i dont want to. and sure enough some idiot gets runner runner or some other BS hand that beats u.

    Trust me, I've played so so so many live poker cash games, tournaments and so forth, and i am a winner player. the more i play live its just so obvious online poker is rigged. i am a losing player online. trust me stick to live, ull love how ur hands hold up most of the time, and when it doesnt, u dont get mad cuz u kno thats just poker. but dont worry if ur a good player, ur hands will hold up in the long run in live play. online is just a tilt machine. U WILL lose in BIG POTS to donks online, nearly EVERY time. its just not worth it.

  • 6 years ago

    Is online poker being rigged? I know that people keep saying, you see too many hands online, so bad beat look happen more frequently. However, I'm suspicious of that case. I have personal statistics to prove that online poker could be rigged.

    I have played real life poker for 2 year in casino; I have 405 sessions more than 3000 hours of record. The game is 2/3$ blind, 50-150 buy in. I have won 28,000$ in total. I look back my statistics, I have several down swing, but never more than 1500$, 500 big blind.

    However, when I play micro online poker, 5/10C game, the down swing very often more than 150$, that’s 1500 big blind down swing. In some hours I win 150$ back, 1500 big blinds straight up.

    That’s just so ridiculous. Never have so many bad beats or big hands run into even bigger hands, they just happen in several hours. I’m not excellent player, but good enough to play at micro limit game.

    It can’t be like this, the real life casino game should be more fluctuation, because it’s small stack game people allin constantly. Online deep stack should have less swing for my win rate.

    Both real life and online poker data are large and accurate; it can prove something wrong with online pokers.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    I'm telling you right now that this site is rigged, the amount of hands that are dealt set up for action is unbelievable, Go on the internet and look up pokerstars reviews, there's not any good comments about pokerstars on the internet, everyone's complaining about how bad there software is, Pokerstars will rarely let you make final table's to give you a bit of hope, then once you get a win BOOM! they will rape your bankroll. You will notice that most time's you will have the stronger hand on the flop then your oppenent will shove all in with nothing you call thinking you have a strong good hand and your opponent will hit runner runner to take you out on the river, never have i seen so many suck outs in a game of poker, ive won thousands in live poker, and lost thousands on pokerstars, so it truly doesn't matter if your a good player, at pokerstars your bound to loose, your not only playing other player's your playing against the site aswell, you will notice that Pdq who commented above about loosing players complaining, look at some other pokerstars question's that have been recently asked on yahoo answers you will notice that he is writing the same message sticking up for pokerstars, i can almost guaruntee you that he is a pokerstars employee, look at everyone else's comments that isnt a top contributor, I do believe one day soon that pokerstars will be caught out rigging there games, it is just hard to prove because you need billions of hand histories an need to go through every hand to see a pattern which knowone can be bothered but the day will come, When it does i hope the pokerstars employee's rot behind bars in jail for the rest of there life for wasting our hard earnt money.. good luck in what ever you do, but try not to waste another cent on this fked up site

  • 7 years ago

    Its not just bad beats.... Its pre ordained that some guys are going to hit their hands, no matter what they call with... one guy went all in over 20 times in a row at a 6 handed table.. won every hand.. cracked everything and he had dogsh(*t.. my go pro battery went flat so I couldn't film it.

    Other guys you bet for value with top pair and flush draw.. get it all in on the turn.. their Q-3 hits 2 pair... not once, not twice, every friggin time he enters a hand, he hits the nuts. I mean, there are times when these idiots are unbeatable.. you get a straight.. they hit a hit AK two pair on the flop.. they have trip 3s..

    When you consistently see one player crushing everyone else with garbage hands you know there is something wrong. People who say online isn't rigged either work for online companies or havent played enough online to know what they are talking about.

    Big pocket pair when you are short stacked?? You are gone.... the computer deals you JJ or QQ while someone with a bigger chip stack gets AA.. or calls with J-3o and hits a full house.. its such BS.

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  • 8 years ago

    "i seem to have alot of bad beats"

    Human memory for these sorts of things is distorted. Your computer has the hand histories. Check them. Compare the frequency of those beats to the mathematical expectation for how often they should occur. (If you have a large sample size of hands like tens of thousands, not hundreds.)

    This has been done with samples of millions of pokerstars hands, and the result was, everything happens as often as the math says it should. Therefore, not rigged.

    Edit -- @Ray

    Learn a thing or two about statistics, probability and randomness before calling someone else a moron. Why didn't you call me a moron too since I agreed with pdq?

    How large is your sample size of pokerstars hands? What are the exact percentages lifetime all-in with AA, not just your last 10?

    Let's make a bet -- the more hands you play on pokerstars, the closer your percentages will be to the mathematical percentages. (If it were rigged, that wouldn't be the case.)

  • 4 years ago

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  • 6 years ago

    Its not rigged. I'm profitable both online and live. The reason you seem to be getting a lot of bad beats is because you are playing many more hands than live. Can it be rigged sure, but it is not. The math works out on the hands I've seen.

  • 6 years ago

    Everything shouldn't happen as often as the math says it should, especially over such a large sample.

    The fact that the math comes true at those sample numbers shows it is most certainly rigged.

    If there were any physics involved with shuffling the deck, you would see variation at any sample size.

    In fact, if there is wide deviation at 10,000 hands but zero deviation at 2m hands then there's something wrong.

    You should see the same deviation at 10k, 100k, 1m, 10m, 100m.

    If you have zero deviation at 10m hands, then you're obviously fixing the game to produce that result.

    The math is theoretical, not reality.

    In reality nothing happens as often as the math says it should.

  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

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  • 4 years ago

    If you have money to spend ok 25 bucks is fine but don't think online poker is legit because I mean let's face it you're playing through a screen that people made

  • 5 years ago

    Poker stars,bettered,party poker,,and all the rest,all have one thing in common,all rigged. I've played on the lot,and lost a fortune. Thank god,I've called it a day,with on-line poker. I won't go on and on,we all know,deep-down,it's fixed. My advice,play at home with your mates, or live at the casino, don't give them on-line pigs your case. Have fun.

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