Sewage EXPLOSION....?

I noticed the smell of sewage coming from the heating vents, we went to investigate in the basement and found that the sewer had splashed some kind of smelly strange looking water onto the floor. The heater has pushed the sewage smell through the whole house, what do we do?

Is it safe to eat food in the sewage air?

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    Your septic tank is full and most likely needs pumping out. Or there is a clog in the drain line. Better call the plumber that's first thing to do, He will give you more Information. Open a window in the basement or where ever it is and put a small fan in there pointed at the window. Clean up the mess use pinesoil cleaner that works very well. Wash hands.

    Call the plumber until he answers the call.

    Try and have a nice day

  • 8 years ago


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