Hey Mormons: Why cant you figure out where the Book of Mormon events took place?

I keep hearing that the Book of Mormon is the "Most Correct Book Ever Written" , but, there is not a map to go along with the stories in the book. You say you have a "Prophet" but even he doesn't know where Zarahemla or Bountiful or the City of Nephi are located.

Joseph smith seemed to believe that most of North and South America was the setting for the Book of Mormon. Apostle Bruce McKonkie said that prior to the arrival of the Jaredites , the New World was largely uninhabited and most of the Native peoples were descendants of the Lamanites. Thankfully, the Prophet Hinkley removed McKonkies comments to save the church any continued embarrassment from his ignorance of History.

Any new info or a Map or SOMETHING ?

The PAINTINGS in the Book of Mormon Show great cities with thick STONE WALLS , not timber. They had Steel Swords and horses and White Looking People, all around the time of (gulp) Christ ?

And you do have a real Prophet ?

You call him a "Prophet, Seer and Revelator". Then why doesn't he tell you when a painting that is to be published in "The Most Correct Book Ever Written" isn't even from the same era of the Book of Mormon ?

(I am of course referring to the now famous painting of Jesus preaching to what you are presenting as Lamanites in front of Mayan Pyramids that werent even built until about 1000 years later. Or if you prefer, a painting of a White Nephite with a steel sword on a horse with a great walled city in the background)

Yes , the pictures DO matter ! If you cant even get them right, then how is the reader supposed to take you seriously as they are plodding through all of the "It came to pass's " and the "Beholds". the only thing that would keep the reader from falling asleep would be to look at an ACCURATE MAP or an ACCURATE PICTURE to go along with it.

I dont think I am being unreasonable. You say you have the Authority and the Truth. The Bible has lots of maps in it. If your book is (sic) better, then you should have a map and ACCURATE pictures too ! They say Prophesy also means TEACHING. If you have a real Prophet, with direct access to God, who is also a SEER and REVELATOR, then this should not be a problem. You would automatically have the story straight instead of having to constantly make corrections when you slip up.

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    7 years ago
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    This is only a small number of the many flaws. It is very annoying how they supposedly have a direct line with god yet have no real answers. The story of Joseph Smith is enough for most people to scoff at but only the truly desperate will accept it.

    • Darrin6 years agoReport

      The story of the Bible gives FAR more reason to scoff, yet, millions take it on faith, even though there's zero, nada, no evidence for it. Sure, people have lived in the Middle East, for millennia but there is no evidence of the Bible stories; Eden, Flood, Exodus, etc. Many saw the gold plates

  • 6 years ago

    Oddly, people demand proof of the Book of Mormon, yet, there is 0% proof of any of the Bible stories: Exodus, Babel, Great Flood, Ark, Jericho, etc., etc. Joseph Smith knew and taught exactly where the Book of Mormon took place: Western New York - The Mississippi River. These were the lands of the Nephites and Lamanites. NEVER did Joseph teach of a Central or S. American location. John Taylor wrote the Times and Seasons newspaper that C. America looked like the spot of Zarahemla but was never confirmed by Joseph. John Taylor claimed to never have had revelation on where the BofM took place. The Hopewell, of Mound Builders, cir. 300B.C. - 400A.D., are the Nephites and ancient Algonquin, are the Lamanites, who were much larger in number to the Nephite mound builders. Most LDS art is wrong in assuming there were large stone walls, pyramids as these C. American buildings weren't even built until: 500-900A.D., long after the Nephites were killed off in genocide.

    Archaeologists have found thousands of steel knifes, swords, headplates, breastplates, spear heads and mounds, all spoken of in the Book of Mormon. They have also found several stones with an ancient Hebrew and now, DNA tests have shown these Hopewell or Mound Builders, were of Hebrew origin, not E. Asian. Native American history speaks plainly of their peoples killing off the lighter-skinned peoples, who once inhabited the lands of the Ohio valley and respectfully, never inhabited those lands again. That's A LOT more proof than you'll get for 1.2 million Israelites living 40 years in Sinai.

  • 7 years ago

    I’ve often wondered why someone would go to such great lengths to try to disprove any work of literature that they haven’t read. Many people spend an inordinate amount of time criticizing, ridiculing, and poking fun at the Book of Mormon. They go to seminars, church services, classes; they watch movies, YouTube videos, and spend countless hours on Yahoo Answers. What causes a person to spend so much effort, again on something they have no personal knowledge about?

    Let’s put science and archeology aside for the moment, since we all know neither one is flawless technology. The most important thing is what does the Book of Mormon teach? Now if the critics are correct and the Book of Mormon is the work of the Devil, what does the Devil want us to know? Let’s play ‘Devils’ advocate for a minute, and see what the Book of Mormon promotes.

    The cover claims Another Testament of Jesus Christ, interesting.. Another book stating that Jesus did in reality exist. Now I would think that Satan would promote a book claiming that Jesus Christ never existed in the first place? A different Jesus perhaps, well let’s see the Book of Mormon talks about a Jesus that lived in the area of Jerusalem, born of a virgin, performed miracles, raising the dead, healing the sick, crucified on a cross, rose 3 days later, and then visited others on the American continent. A different Jesus would be one born in say Australia, someone who was simply a great teacher perhaps. It is hard for me to fathom the intelligence of a person who would claim the Book of Mormon speaks of a different Jesus than the one spoken of in the New Testament.

    What else of the Book of Mormon. Humm, it teaches us to repent, change our lives, and even to be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ, none the less. It teaches us to look to this Jesus Christ as our Savior, our mediator, the one and only one who forgives us of sin. It teaches us to love one another, help one another; ironically it teaches concepts that are very similar to those found in the New Testament itself? Not only that but the Book of Mormon speaks of the New Testament it verifies the validity, and the truthfulness of the Holy Bible which we now have. Would the Devil promote a book that tells us unequivocally that the Bible is as well the word of God?

    I’m sorry, but the argument that it is the work of the Devil just doesn’t hold up. I can only ascribe this mentality to ignorance; any other adjective would be offensive.

  • Ammon
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    7 years ago

    There are various and sundry map theories. Using logical reasoning and what is written in The Book Of Mormon Another Testament Of Jesus Christ is a very important thing to do when looking for the lost cities of the Nephites.

    Your statement that Joseph Smith thought that the Nephite Cities of

    The Book Of Mormon Another Testament Of Jesus Christ

    were all over the Western Hemisphere is absurd on the face of it, and does not makes any sense whatsoever. They did not have supersonic jets to travel about.

    Joseph Smith never made that kind of assertion about the cities of Nephites that were written about in The Book Of Mormon Another Testament Of Jesus Christ.

    The Book Of Mormon Another Testament Of Jesus Christ gave very specific information about distances. If you actually spent the time to read the book. Yes. Reading. It isn't illegal last I knew. Then perhaps your gibberishing would start making some more sense.

    Before the City Of Troy was finally found, there were many theories as to where it was. The prevailing opinion among the scientists in the past before the City Of Troy was finally excavated, is that it never existed and the whole story was a "myth".

    The scientists were proved wrong once again. You could fill a library cataloging when the prevailing opinions by scientist has fallen to empirical evidence. Reality is an interesting thing. It doesn't care how smart you think you are, it is always smarter.

    The one theory that finally did solve the riddle of where Troy was is because someone actually read what was contained in Homer's Iliad and The Odyssey etc. etc. etc.

    The same thing is true about finding the lost ruins of the Vikings in the North East part of America. It was found by someone who simply read the "myths" of the Vikings and then started digging where the "myth" said the Vikings had tried to settle for a time in North America (before the Vikings were continuously attacked by Native Americans so they finally had to leave and go back from whence they came).

    So if you want to discover the cities of the Nephites...

    read The Book Of Mormon Another Testament Of Jesus Christ.

    Reading Anti-Mormon snippets of illogical gibberish disinformation is like eating snot from someone's nose who has various and sundry venereal diseases. I wouldn't advise it but if that is how you want to get your disinformation, then O.K. good for you is all that I can say.

    God gave you a brain therefor He meant for you to use it.

    First read The Book Of Mormon Another Testament Of Jesus Christ, then from there there are many other books that relate and are pertinent too. The glory of God is intelligence.

    You can get a lot of great used books from Amazon Used Books for a few dollars that would cost if new; sixty or seventy dollars or more, for these kind of specialized kind of books that have been written by Mormons who have exceedingly extremely high I.Q.s. They have assembled a lot of information on this subject to be sure.

    Compared to the high I.Q.s of the Mormons who study these kind of things, the I.Q.s of the critics of The Book Of Mormon Another Testament Of Jesus Christ is really really pathetic, and they don't do their basic research, and so they show themselves not to be credible to anyone that is paying attention.


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    God bless.

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  • 7 years ago

    Actually, Joseph Smith did tell us the location of Zarahemla. He said it was in Guatemala, probably those ruins known today as the ruins of Quirigua.

    By the way, even a prophet doesn't control what God reveals to us. Prophets aren't omniscent. God isn't a puppet, to be manipulated by man.

    Source(s): Times and Seasons 3 no. 23 (1 October 1842), 927
    • Darrin6 years agoReport

      Actually, Joseph Smith never claimed the lands of Guatemala or S. Mexico had any part of the Book of Mormon. John Taylor, in writing to the Times and Seasons, after seeing a recent book on C. American ruins, said it looked like the land of Zarahemla but Joseph never confirmed this. It's in America

  • 7 years ago

    Actually, I do know where Zarahemla, Manti, the land called Desolation, etc are - but I have no interest in sharing with someone who is snarky and wants to belittle the beliefs I cherish. These places are in plain site to any who honestly seek - but alas, that again appears to exclude you.

    best wishes

  • 7 years ago

    Hmm I am not Mormon but I am Christian, this seems a little bold. You seem frustrated maybe talking to a person that is educated on this religion would be a better alternative to digging for answers on yahoo.

  • Kerry
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    7 years ago

    My question is: Would you believe it to be the word of God IF it contained a road map, identifying everything in it? Then what, really, does it matter? You will read it and believe it to be God's word or you will not. The locations really dont matter.........

    Source(s): Lifelong member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
  • 7 years ago

    Your right. NOT one creditable archaeological site to prove of any city mentioned in the book of mormon. Unless you get a mormon to say that Teotihuacan was the city of Nephi.

  • 7 years ago

    Because it isn't important to anybody's salvation, bubeleh.

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