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If I live in one state and I am logged onto Facebook should the current session be reading another state that?

If I live in one state and I am logged onto Facebook,should the current session be reading another stae that is halfway across the country based on the IP address? I ask this because I heard that about a month ago Facebook was compromised by some hackers, but Facebook claims that nothing serious happened. However, on the Yahoo account that is linked to my Facebook account I noticed that I haven't been getting responses to my emails and the other day when I tried to forward an email it was blocked and a notice came up that said there was suspicious activity on my account.So I changed my password and went to mail options and clicked on POP & Forwarding and did not see another address just an ad for more mail options. However I still think the problem exists because I'm still not getting responses to emails. I tried to contact Facebook on this, but that is like trying to contact Google or Youtube (no email address that is readily public,which is poor customer care/service, imo). I need some advice on this issue.Thanks!

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    iP's Yahoo reveals are the 'Public' address which everyone sees. It is in fact the last server that your iSP is using before launching your packets onto the 'Net. If your iSP is a large operation, they may have servers scattered all over the place, not necessarily close to your physical location.

    Yahoo finally got the message and moved mail to SSL (secure) servers, however, it must be manually set to do so all the time.

    To take this essential step, in Yahoo Mail, cursor over the upper right 'gear'> Mail Options> General tab, near the bottom, check the box "Make your Yahoo! Mail more secure with SSL"> tick "Save" near the top.

    Your browser should then be accepting the Certificate for "", and whenever you connect to it, there will be the address pre-fix 'https'. Always look for that.

    This step is absolutely critical if you ever use a computer (or any smartphone, tablet, etc.) in a mobile situation, like at a "hot spot" cafe, library, or anywhere really.

    And likewise Home units should make the adjustment.

    Firefox, with "HTTPS Everywhere" will ensure all SSL connections are always made (when available).


    This will not prevent account hijacks ENTIRELY: it only works when you "log-in" to Yahoo and go right to mail, then "log-out" from Yahoo. If you migrate to other Y! services while logged in, you will be dropped to normal channels and THAT is when your 'session authentication' cookie will be slurped, allowing someone else to log-in as you!

    (I don't know if this is related to the 'missing' mail issue, but it's always better to be as secure as possible, rather than leave it to some one else.)

    If you've not been told already, linking (or 'syncing') multiple accounts as you've done has a lot of convenience, but as convenience goes up, security goes down in many aspects.

    Facebook is horrible at keeping things 'close to the vest', and constantly change their Terms of service, and Privacy Policy, which further degrades both security and privacy.

    I would seriously reconsider this co-mingling business, and disambiguate these accounts.

    Good luck.

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    If you're using an email address provided by your ISP along with a static ip address there's a good chance that Facebook will log your location pretty accurately. If you're using anything else - location is just a best guess based on the ip address of the server that you're using. Could be hundreds of miles away - or even in another country!

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