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How to properly clean moldy ceramic cup?

So I forgot one of my favorite tea cups downstairs and when I found it today I saw green mold in it. I soaked it with some hot water and dish soap then I rinsed it and saw most of the mold was gone and now I let hot water and bleach soak in the cup. What should

I do to make it clean enough go drink from it again? Should I let the bleach water sit in the cup and then just wash it a few times with dish soap water ? Right now I am more worried about getting the bleach out than the mold. I put bleach in because I read it online but now I'm worried it won't be safe to drink from the cup after because of the bleach. I really don't want to throw away this cup :(

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    After a few washes with hot soapy water the bleach will be washed away. Is the ceramic cracked or unfinished? If not then the glaze on the ceramic that gives it the gloss also protects from harmful things soaking into the finished product. Just give it a really good couple of washings and you should be fine..

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    I actually have a buddy who runs a great sams.. she instructed me to scrub curling iron with hair spray....together as the iron is warm spray somewhat on and wipe off with a terry textile or an previous towel careful to no longer burn your self.... that would desire to artwork for yours.. possibly attempt a q tip? spray the q tip and rub in the creases

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