Is the penn foster legitimate?

i want to become a vet assistant and get my vet certificate however it is 40 dollars a month. before i start paying this initiation fee i want to know if its legit. what are your experiences with penn foster? if you have more info on it let me know! thanks.

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  • 7 years ago
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    Penn Foster's Veterinary Assistant program has a Work Experience Option (WEO) where you can gain 200 hours of supervised field experience along with the entry level education. Although this field may not require a formal education, we believe it does give you an advantage over someone applying for the job without any education in the field at all. Other posts have great information, but they would rather tell you negative things instead of positive things. If you want a Vet Assistant education, then get one. Nothing stops you from going to Vet Tech later if you choose and no accredited education is a waste of time. It may even help you define how far you want to go. If you are not completely sold on going directly into Vet Tech, and since it is such a much bigger commitment, it would be worse for you to have enrolled in a Vet Tech program and not complete. You may even find that you are happy at the assistant level. Who knows? Certainly not me, and certainly not anyone else in this forum. I encourage you to check out the link to the conversation below in which one of our instructors provides feedback to students and prospective students on the difference between the two and also risk factors with online programs. Being up front and transparent is the best way for you to obtain information that best suits your future. Best wishes for you and your studies.

    P.S. "Much more expensive" as one post states is equal to less than $6,000 (current pricing). You will not find any Full AVMA Accredited programs less expensive than that.

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  • 7 years ago

    Veterinary assistants do not require any type of certificate. This program is entirely on-line and doesn't teach you any of the practical hands on aspects of working in a veterinary clinic. Veterinary assistant programs are not regulated or accredited by any veterinary accreditation agency. For these reasons veterinarians do not think very highly of veterinary assistant programs. These programs are not worth the money because they don't really improve your chances of employment.

    If you want to go to school then consider veterinary technician programs. Penn Foster does have a vet tech program that is accredited by the American Veterinary Medical Association. However, it is much more expensive than other on-line programs and doesn't accept financial aid. These programs are 2 years in length and require you to find a veterinarian willing to mentor you and teach you the clinical skills required to be a vet tech. Graduating from an AVMA accredited veterinary technician program will allow you to become licensed with your state which greatly improves your chances of employment. You can find a list of on-line vet tech programs here:

    You can find on-site programs on that website as well.

    If you don't want to go to school for two years or are not ready to at this time then just start sending your resume to veterinary clinics and applying for jobs. Don't waste your money on a certificate.

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  • ryan55
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    7 years ago

    To me I can see a one time fee of $40 but every month that's not right unless it is a union fee... I do a lot of research on line about them,looking for the pros and cons of Penn Foster before you give them any money... Also talk to a local Veterinarian office to...

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  • rieder
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    4 years ago

    initially do you have had previous journey of what it you experience of distance preparation. And we will not rely what are on internet boards. exceedingly its working via penn foster, i assume there's no longer something greater advantageous than flatters. nonetheless distance discovering is user-friendly yet ultimate is discovering interior the institute being between friends, mutually as having genuine life and professional reviews.

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  • 7 years ago

    you better talk with many local vet offices & see if they even hire people who go through penn foster

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