windows defender has been on a full scan for four hours?

its a new laptop. Is that unusual

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    8 years ago
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    I've had full virus scans lasting much longer than that, it all depends on the content on your computer. As its a new laptop I wouldn't expect it to spend that long scanning, unless its froze or you've installed a huge amount of programs or added heaps of files. Check to see if anything is moving on the program to identify it is still searching, like a progress bar or spinning wheel. You could also try clicking the application and seeing if it goes not responding.

    If it has frozen or is not responding then press Ctrl+Alt+Delete and go into task manager to end the program. If not then just let it complete its cycle :)

  • Depends how fast your processor is how much ram do you have and how much space you have in your laptop. On my Desktop PC i running a Dual Core 2.3 GHz Processor and i have 700 GB of disk memory (almost everything is used) and 3 GB RAM DDR2 400 MHz and running Windows 8 Pro 32 bit.

    I takes about 2h 30min to do a full scan. Because that is a laptop( and sure not running Win 8) it take s longer to scan. I think that's normal!!!

  • Alexa
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    8 years ago

    No, I've had scans last much longer than that. My average for a full scan is about 6 to 7 hours.

  • 4 years ago

    confident you ought to get carry of malewarebytes and many different classes in the previous its too previous due! I had a virulent disease like yours and the longer I used the pc the extra serious it have been given It even went so a techniques as making my internet stop working. i might positioned up the links yet in view that u dont have plenty time.. lol i will supply you the names of the classes and you google loose get carry of and deploy immediately. Malwarebytes Superantispyware Combofix (significant) Avast anti rootkit Dr.internet therapy it Avg (i might say reinstall mcafee however the virus will possibly no longer enable you) as quickly as you get each and every of the classes. boot in secure mode and run all of them (finished scans) I did anti root equipment first then combofix then malwarebytes after that maximum became sparkling each and every thing else is precautionary . to get in safemode. pass to start run then form in msconfig then press enter. I used xp so it would no longer be interior the comparable place yet wen u locate it it is going to open the sytem configuration supervisor and there all u ought to do is click secure boot hit ok then restart. to pass lower back to well-known mode open the device config click on the tab that proclaims boot.INI then click well-known boot hit ok then restart. yet differently to get in safemode is to many times faucet f8 whilst your pc is first initiating then a boot menu will arise choose secure mode press enter. do no longer use device fix till all viruses are wiped sparkling through fact they are in a position to be introduced lower back and don't use final customary good configuration till then to boot. good success and please chosen this as ultimate answer

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