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Sunglasses expert with style?

Ok, I've always had a problem finding stylish sunglasses that fit well, that didn't hurt to wear. I'm photo sensitive and need to wear sunglasses. I'm wearing a pair of shades that hurt, because they weigh too much. I'll post a few names of styles with their corresponding numbers, but I fear the styles I like are much too large for me to wear. This is where I need help from a sunglasses expert. Good shades I'll go without food for, because I'm so photosensitive. Please help me find a few pairs to investigate. I hope under $200 is reasonable for a decent pair. Been to several sunglasses stores. It's like they design shades for people grotesquely overweight only, or want to look like a tripped out bug on steroids.

I find I like the following, but are too big:

Bugatti 65282

Christian Dior 2536

Kenneth Cole Reaction KC2413 (found something similar by KC years ago that worked great)

Porche P'8407

my measurements are for size are the following

lens' and bridge length

121mm to 118mm

Lens height



115mm to 135mm

Any positive suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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    check this out. cycle between photo, spectral and polarized


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