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Hidden costs on car hire in Tenerife?

Good day.

Me and my friend are planning to go to Tenerife in May and we would like to rent a car for our 7 day stay. Can you please advise me what hidden costs I can expect when I book with online agent?. I found a Ford Focus for 92 pounds for 7 days.

How much money we should have with us? Deposits? Insurance?

I am 21 and I have licence for 3 years. Any dealer suggestions?


We will be 4 actually sorry about mistake above. English language is not my first language so forgive me my grammar please.

What exactly is excess?

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    Good price, I checked with carhire3000.com and a Focus would be £96 but that includes insurance with no excess and an additional driver.

    1. Do you really need a focus for 2 people in a small island, smaller cars are cheaper

    2. You will need a credit card and your licence, both parts.

    3. you will pay for a full tank of fuel, some car hire companies insist that you return empty - which is not practical so you lose out. Others want it refilled on return and so you get the cost back. But they refund it to your card and the card company rob you on the exchange rate!

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    its the excess insurance that crushes you, up to 25 euros per DAY and if you don't take it they will block up to 1200 euros on your credit card thus diminishing your spending money . they will not accept any other insurance you may have purchased online however comprehensive it is. they will not give you a annual insurance (for those who use car hire regular.) they block every channel and thus I defy anyone who can find me a car hire firm june to September where you can get a car for less than 250 a week which is fully covered and has fuel

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    This is hardly to tell. What is the hidden costs on hire in Tenerife. You should visit the site doyouspain which can help you.

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    Hello, I am the marketing manager at Tipoa Car Hire based in Valencia, Spain. I read with interest the various comments made on the "hated" full/empty fuel policy adopted by most, if not all Spanish rental car suppliers. Please note that Tipoa are an online broker, established over 15 years ago and are subject to whatever terms and conditions, the local suppliers apply. Having said that , there is a way you can change the fuel policy (outlined below) but please remember that, it may be cheaper overall to have a lower daily rent rate, for example this year in Spain, rates have been as low as €2.64 a day. And accept the full/empty policy. At least with Tipoa Car Hire you can choose:-

    Go to http://www.tipoa.com and follow this instruction please:-

    When you reach STEP2 just above the photo of the car of your choice, click on the link "email quote" insert your email address and click on SUBMIT. You will receive instantly an email quote, click on the link contained therein BOOK NOW. This will return you to the website one more time but this time down the left hand side you will see the options to choose your fuel policy.


    Jon Warnhammer

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  • 7 years ago

    Well dealers and hidden costs are hard

    i've found the best thing to use for young driver hire especially is Indigo Car Hire, there like the go compare of the car rental world :P i got a really decent price there

    This is there link

    http://www.indigocarhire.co.uk/ its best to call or skype them for the best deals tho

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