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Has anyone received their federal tax refund who claimed education credits?

I claimed education credits on TurboTax and they sent me an email saying that the IRS was delaying processing returns with those credits... Has anyone who claimed education credits received their federal return yet?? Mine is well past the 21 day marker that the IRS website says is the usual time frame for processing...

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    8863er: 1/26 filed w/Turbo Tax. 1/30 accepted by IRS. 2/14 IRS processing begins. 2/15 begin checking WMR & (2,3 times a day) always receiving the same messages of either it is veing processed or I have entered incorrect info (this usually happened after numerous inquiries). 2/20 attempted to order record/transcript on WMR, no luck. 2/22 was able to order record/transcript (finally a little encouraging news!). 2/23 WMR posted a ddd of 2/27! I had to come back and share this because reading everyone else's experience really helped when I needed a source of info. Hope my experience helps you.

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    I filed 1/25/2013 and was accepted 1/27/2013, with education credits and It says on the WMR site that I have a direct deposit date of 2/26/2013. I hope this helps. I think you should get your date kbefore March 1st.

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    The IRS did not accept returns with education credits until Feb 14th. Look for it nearer to the beginning of March.

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    If you haven't gotten your refund date yet, go to and try to order a transcript of your 2012 tax return. If you get a message that it has been processed and that you will receive a copy in the mail in 5-10 days, then your taxes are in fact done processing. The next day, go to the Where's My Refund tool and check. You should have a refund date showing.

    Source(s): I ordered my transcripts on 2/22 and my DD date was updated on Where's My Refund today 2/23 - My DD date is 2/27.
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    Mine was filed on Jan 30th, and accepted Feb 14th. DD date of Feb 25th, with a note to calll the bank if it has not credited by March 2.

    Source(s):'s My Refund link
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    Today I checked WMR and it gave me a DD date for February 26. I have been accepted since 1/24, n I did file form 8863

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    I got accepted January 26th and today I went to the IRS website and they gave me a deposit date of February 26th! Hang in there, and check where's my refund over the next couple of days.

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    Still nothing on my end, Im in the same boat as you. I have been trying to order a Transcript you can do that online and mine is not available so I guess that means mine (taxes) are still processing... UGGGR

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    Also, when was where's your refund showing a direct deposit date, bc mine was accepted on the 14th but I don't have a date yet

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    I got a deposit date today of 2/25. So check you wheres my refund and it should be updated soon

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