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At what degree does hair burn?

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    Healthy hair burns at the temperature: 233C (451.4F); however, burning can occur at lower temperatures in hair that has been subjected to other harsh treatments (aka damaged hair). Near 155C (311F), the hair's keratin begins to break its linkages and become disordered. At approximately 233C or 451.4F, the hair's keratin begins to melt. Most thermal styling tools operate in the 100-170C (212-338F)range. Those with thicker coarser hair tend to operate their irons and devices in the 150-170C (302-338F) range. Although these temperatures are still well below the burning threshold, your hair's condition can change your max heat tolerance.

    So basically:

    If your hair is healthy: around 233C (451.4F);

    If your hair is damaged (and you are trying to prevent damaging it more): around 155C (311F)

    If your hair is thick: around 150-170C (302-338F)

    hope this helps and good luck :)

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    Hair Degree

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