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can i use a 700w amp for 2 300w Subs and 2 300w speakers?

what im wondering is i have 2 300w speaker systems that peak around 17dbs when i have my ipod all the way up and i want to add 2 10" 300w subs to my system and i have a 700w home amp

This is the link to a pair that look like mine-

and these are the subs-

this is the amp-

and this is my stereo (without the original speackers though)-

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    7 years ago
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    I don't know how many different ways of NO this comes out to. First you are obsessed with power ratings and power ratings in speakers is virtually useless and usually wrong information. The power rating of a speaker provides no information about how "powerful" it is or how loud it is. The marketing side of the industry has duped everyone into thinking power ratings are everything when in fact they are nothing.

    Your "700 watt" amplifier is about 3 watts/ch. I know I've played with several variations of these little amplifiers and they are great for what they are and that is 3 watt/ch amplifiers.

    The subwoofers you are looking at are car woofers and you are posting in Home Theatre. Bad idea, car woofers use very stiff suspensions designed to work in very small boxes and be heavily dependent on room gain. These will not produce low bass in a room without a lot of Equalization and a lot of power and even then the quality will be very poor.

    The speakers you are looking at are rear surround speakers. If you like a lot of ambience they might work ok but you would be better off looking at something designed to be main speakers. A conventional monopole, not a bi-pole or di-pole.

    Your stereo is not designed to have add on speakers.

    Basically, unfortunately you have nothing to work with here. If I understand correctly the only part you already own is the stereo. Don't buy the other stuff. If you want a better system you're going to have to spend a lot more money and do it right. Buy an AVR (Audio Video Receiver), buy some decent speakers, and buy a powered home theatre subwoofer. Don't buy an HTiB (Home Theatre in a Box) Buy individual components and don't buy speakers from an electronics company like Sony etc. Buy speakers from a company that makes speakers and does a good job of it.

    Some examples...

    AVR... $399

    Subwoofer... $249

    Speakers... $179/pr

    The above is a very basic system for a little over $800, you can add a Blu-Ray player, a center speaker, and rear speakers and have a nice little home theatre system. Not a great system but not bad for your first system.


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  • 4 years ago

    Watts is the vigor that may be dropped at pressure a suite of stereo audio system. An 800-watt amp can also be VERY loud. Enough to rationale severe ear injury if now not listening to loss. Certainly in an enclosed area. Of course, you manipulate the volumn stage so you do not must power the 300-watt subs at full volumn! Astro Nut

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