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***Which Actress has the Most Upper Class Accent?***?

I'm looking for some audiobooks narrated by female narrator or actress who has a REAL POSH accent. (I mean, Upper class accent, or Queen's English or Oxford English)

Like Emma Watson's Accent, know, accent like Eton college student. (Though ineed female actor) Cut-glass accent!

So here is the list of Actresses that I heard it's a posh accent.

Emma Thompson

Joanna Lumley

Imogen Stubbs

Rebecca Hall

Sally Phillips

Penelope Keith

Judi Dench

Miriam Margolyes

Who has the most POSH accent? Please, I need your honest opinion.

And tell me which actress use RP or Standard English or Cockney accent or etc...? Please.

Thank you:)

and PLZ, Answer with Details TT

P.S. Don't suggest me Maggie Smith. I know she has a wonderful accent, but there's no audiobook narrated by her except BBC radio drama.

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  • 8 years ago

    Joanna Lumley at least can sound incredibly posh. Not sure how she sounds on audiobooks, but all in all I'd vote for her.

  • 8 years ago

    Julie Andrews (she was in sound of music) has a lovely accent.

    Oh yeah and Mary Poppins, one of my fave childhood films. Posh accent for sure :-)

    Do you have a fixation on posh accents then ?

  • 8 years ago

    she's not on the list but Kate Winslet?

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