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changing 2 taps to mixer tap?

hello and help! i know nothing about plumbing and i dont want to get a plumber if i can do it myself (and by myself i mean my husband). basically we have a bath with 2 seperate hot/cold taps. my question is can we change the taps to 1 mixer tap with shower head? we are currently using one of those hose adaptor things and its a nightmare..i just wanna take a nice normal shower lol!

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    im a builder ..all taps sold in uk will fit ..universal tap holes ..most baths have a larger pipe to feed the hot ..its easier to connect if you buy a pair of flexy pipes ..most merchants ..make sure you buy a reasonable quality tap as often with these taps ...the water comes in both sides .meet in middle ..and the cold pressure can push the hot back and restrict hot flow ....mainly happens on cheaper taps

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    These single taps are located in holes in the side of the bath, you will need to measure the distance between the centres of the two taps or holes to determine if this is possible. Generally the fittings on a mixer tap which attach the tap to the bath are at 150mm (6 inches) centres. If the distance between your two separate taps are more or less than this distance you might struggle to source a suitable mixer tap.

    There will probably be some requirement to alter the pipe work feeding the taps so be sure hat you are capable of doing this.

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    Depends on how dissimilar the cold pressure and hot pressure is.

    You may well struggle to get a steady temperature in the shower head.

    Do you have HW stored in a cylinder of have you a combi-boiler?

    You get the best results from( HW cylinder + cold fed from loft tank) OR (mains cold + combi-boiler)

    The underneath nuts on the old taps can be a right swine to undo. Get a 'proper' tool.


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    Easy to do BUT be care full of the cold water pressure as if to high will push the cold water back up the hot pipe and fill the tank then it comes out the overflow and can result in overfill in roof tank,

    So may need restrictor valve on cold feed,

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    UK?...then try Wickes or similar store for what you need, the link shows one way to use the tap connections, you just need to get under the bath and disconnect the old ones and fit the new one.

    The hose might not be long enough, I wonder if you get an extension to fit to make it longer.


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    ==== just use the copy ++control & C ++ and then paste into the search web line === read this === http://bathroom-kitchen-faucets.com/single-handle-... ====== this will probably be the option that you will like === what you want to do is a major project and you should take a photo or two and take them to Lowe's or Home Depot and ask the commercial desk how to do this project ==== XTX== ==== you need to do more search to find more options and the ""comm desk"" at the hardware giants is one of the best places to start ...

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