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What should a 15 year old wear to a wedding? (with pictures)?

Hi! I have my aunt's wedding in September and even though its a long way away, my mum and my grandma are already picking out dresses for me. Even though my mum is very young, only 32, she and I have a very different style, and we are having trouble finding a dress that pleases us both. My style is quite modern but also boho and my mum is very formal and put together.

This is my mum's suggestion which I don't like because I tried it on and I felt like I was 10, and at 15 no one wants to feel younger:


These are two dresses I really like:



Can you please rate my mum's suggestion and my suggestions and give me some ideas of your own. Price is not a problem. Also, I think I should wear heels (not too high) but my mum doesn't want me to. What do you think?


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  • Jess
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    8 years ago
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    I think your 2nd pick is very nice, with flats though, as September weather is quite balmy.

  • binzel
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    4 years ago

    expensive one, you will a marriage - not a night club. Your options are actually not suited for the solemnity of a marriage. apart from, they are actually not suited for a 15 365 days previous woman. Oh, and in simple terms who's procuring this gown? probable mom. So she gets to call the photos - whether you like it or not. That mentioned, here is a few "grandmother" suggestion: %. your battles heavily, expensive one. this isn't a combat well worth having just to instruct your factor - it is going to easily make you very unhappy - and point-headed for the entire summer. How mature is that? have confidence me. you do not could make a spectacle of your self donning outfits that are irrelevant (translate - slutty) for a woman your age. in simple terms positioned on the gown your mom likes. it quite is quite, flowy, and no, you will not seem such as you're 10 years previous. have confidence me. you in simple terms think of you seem such as you're 10. yet you will not appear as if a toddler. you in simple terms prefer to look such as you're 15 happening 25. that may not a sturdy subject, honey. i'm beneficial with a demure smile and gracious manners, you would be a appealing niece - one your aunt may be happy with. If not, then suck it up and smile. For at some point you are able to positioned your individual thoughts aside and be the candy, darling woman each and every physique loves - even your mom.

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