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What should a 15 year old wear to a wedding? (with pictures)?

Hi! I have my aunt's wedding in September and even though its a long way away, my mum and my grandma are already picking out dresses for me. Even though my mum is very young, only 32, she and I have a very different style, and we are having trouble finding a dress that pleases us both. My style is quite modern but also boho and my mum is very formal and put together.

This is my mum's suggestion which I don't like because I tried it on and I felt like I was 10, and at 15 no one wants to feel younger:


These are two dresses I really like:



Can you please rate my mum's suggestion and my suggestions and give me some ideas of your own. Price is not a problem. Also, I think I should wear heels (not too high) but my mum doesn't want me to. What do you think?


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    Are you in the bridal party? If so, then the bride generally gets to pick your dress (with input from you and your mother, of course).

    Why is your grandmother involved in all this?

    I clicked on the link that your mom suggested and all I see is a line of dresses, not a specific dress.

    Your #1 choice is WAY too revealing, for an adult and especially for a 15 year-old girl. You're going to look like trash if you wear that to someone's wedding. Those lacey cutouts are very inappropriate, not at all attractive or classy or sexy, and look very low-class.

    The hemline on #2 is very weird and makes it look like you're out to get attention. Plus the dress itself isn't very cute. I wouldn't choose that one, either.

    Here are some examples that I like for you:






    As for the heels ... well, ultimately, you're a kid and you're living under your mom's roof, so what she says goes. I personally don't think it's a problem for a 15 year-old to wear modest heels, but your mom's word is final, so it really doesn't matter what I think.

    There are plenty of cute flats and sandals out there:



    Unless your mother has flat-out said that you cannot, under any circumstances, wear heels ... see if you can meet in the middle and wear kitten heels (very small heels): http://www.zappos.com/rsvp-sadie-dark-silver

    Or wedges: http://www.zappos.com/nina-foley-silver

    Trust me, though, at the end of the night you may be very pleased that you weren't wearing heels. I wore a VERY small heel to my own wedding, and many of my friends wore flats. It's a long, LONG day, and you want to be comfortable. I've attended many weddings as a guest where I started out in heels and soon had to switch to flats because my feet hurt so badly.

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    Your mom's pick looks very drab and boring, and this is coming from a 30 year old. I cannot imagine anyone under the age of 60 wearing that. Your link did not work for me, so I cannot give you an opinion. Do you have a Deb Shop where you live? They have some very cute dresses that would work for a wedding, and formal dances.

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    very short dress.

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