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americans what is a home invasion?

i just wondered what is the difference between burglary and a home invasion.

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    A burglary is when a home is unoccupied and illegally entered with the intent to steal only, home invasion is when a home is illegally entered while knowingly occupied with the intent to not only steal but do bodily harm.

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    For the victim perhaps little difference. But a home invasion is planned for a specific target, while a burglary is usually a crime of opportunity: i.e. you forgot to lock the door, or left packing materials on the curb letting burglars know you just got come expensive goods. And a burglar really doesn't want anyone at home when they enter.

    Home invasions may be to hit a business owner who is expected to have money at home from his business receipts, or revenge for some specific act. In other words, they know who they are after, and they expect to find that person at home.

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    Burglary is when you break into a house to steal items.

    A home invasion is a violent intrusion into a house usually with the intent to injure the occupants.

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    Home invasion typically means that the perpetrator threatens or attempts to injure the occupants of the dwelling.

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    That's when the husband comes home a day early from his business trip and the wife kills him, thinking he's an intruder.

    Happens all the time.

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