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Can I install Norton,Symantec.Antivirus.Coporate.Edition.v10.2.1000.1.Vista32 on the computer with Windows7?

If i install That software on my computet with windows 7 64bits, that anti virus software will change my computer system.

The software i intend to install is Symantec.AntiVirus.Coporate.Edition.v10.2.1000.1.vista32.

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    symantec isn't a great software, and it's not cheap either. Norton in general is on the bottom rung of the antivirus software. I'd go with avast, which is free and it's very good at blocking viruses.

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    Yes you can

    I know the option for a 64 bits system will not be displayed during the setup The installer for the 64-bit version of Symantec AntiVirus is on CD 1 in the Savwin64\x86 folder. Double-click the file Savwin64\x86\Setup.exe to start the installation.

    Alternative to this you can download the software from the Norton website http://www.symantec.com/index.jsp and use your exisiting license.

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  • Anama
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    Norton is okay, but tech support can be expensive and time consuming. The program itself is solid and will get the job done. If that is what you have with your service then by all means use it!

    If you have options look into McAfee and Kapersky or Vipre those cost less and are just as effective.

    And no, it will not change your software, it runs quietly in the background while you are online.

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    yes you can

    but make full backup point because this is windows.

  • it not change your system it runs in compatiblity mode

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