Why do some watches like Rolex or Omega have a floating second hand?

I just received a raise, so i went to the mall. I saw some very expensive watches. Some Omega will tick and some float the hands. Those that float say they are automatic? Can't it be automatic if it does not float? Why are the watches that float significantly more expensive? Why to most Rolex appear to float?

I asked the salesman but he just told me a bunch of stuff I do not understand.

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  • Marvin
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    8 years ago
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    It depends on the technology employed. Automatic watches are mechanical self winding. The floating second hand is an optical illusion due to the fact that the tick is about 8 times a second. This type is preferred for sport models.

    Those that appear to tick are usually battery powered. The watches are less costly to make, and require less maintenance. Rolex helped to develop the technology.

    Omega employs both technologies.

    Rolex stopped production on watches that tick back in 2001. Currently all models are mechanical automatic. They may go back to it on their Celine line of watches. They will likely never use battery technology in sport models.

    You can find cheap mechanical automatic watches at Wal-Mart for under $100, and battery powered watches for $15, but I do not think that is what you had in mind.

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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    relies upon. Tag Heuer makes mechanical strikes with sweep 2d palms, (like Rolex and Omega), yet in addition they make quartz stream watches that tick. usually speaking, quartz strikes are greater precise, yet mechanical/computerized strikes are plenty greater enormously-prized. they are precision artistic endeavors.

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