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Is it a bad idea to upload your real picture on twitter?

i was thinking about this of late to try and connect more with those i want to follow, not that i use twitter much.....if a user uploads his picture could it violate any privacy of the individual, the user who uploaded it ?

is it not such a smart idea? what are the pros and cons ? if you have twitter account, do you have your real picture on there ?



i am not worried about creepers as you put it. i know i could deal with them if i had to.

Update 2:


what a weird little life you have, what a weird person you are. so glad not to know you - nothing personal.

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    I mean, assuming you don't have a tattoo of your social security number on your forehead, there's really not much anyone can do with your picture. So long as you're not naked, you should be fine.

    Source(s): Proud owner of a twitter account.
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    What do you mean violate privacy of the individual? If it's your picture you are free to violate your own privacy in any way you want. Your picture will be associated with anything you post, so don't post anything you wouldn't say to people you know and you will be ok as long as you don't mind having a public internet presence, it's unlikely that someone could steal your identity just by having your picture.

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    Normal photos = Fine..... Eating tampons in photos, pulling duck face or the secret duck face (Pout), don't dress or wear make up like a test tube baby of the Teletubbies, no weird V shaped hand signs up to your chin while pulling a mongo and certainly don't say stupid captions about swag etc anywhere on the photo... Look like a sophisticated blogger, not Marilyn Manson tele tubby orgy extravaganza .... And you should be fine.

    Source(s): I was once involved in a Marilyn Manson tele tubby orgy extravaganza and I want to support anyone who has been through the same
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    Pro's : Um..people can see what you look like?

    Cons : Strangers, maybe creepers will see what you look like. Who knows, they could save the pic...

    I have a twitter account, it's a blurry picture of me with a it doesn't look like me~

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    I, for one, believe it can be none of your enterprise what I look like. There are many causes, but that one is mine. I'm not on-line so far or hook up and my physical apperance will not be crucial to anything i'm doing or writing online.

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