My grades droped immensly! Need help?

I got my report card for this semester and my grades dropped from A's and A+'s to B'c and C's! The major problem is that I am not organized in terms of scheduling! This is like I don't study on time, i always do my homework's late, and I need you to advise me on :

1-How I can be more organized

2-How to manage my time more effectively

3- How to study more effectively

4- How to get my grades up.

I have always been a straight A student but now being a sophomore in high school and taking AP classes at like, everything, things are getting really hard.

Ps: This is my school schedule

Monday- Go to school at 8:30 am, get home by 4.30 pm

Tuesday- Go to school at 8.30 am, get home by 5.30 pm

Wednesday- Go to school at 8.30 am, get home by 6 pm

Thursday. Go to school at 8.30 am, get home by 8.30 pm

Friday- Go to school at 8.30 am, get home by 5.30 pm

Thanks! Any extra info just let me know

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    1. Take notes in class if something is talked about for most of the lecture get a highlighter and highlight it or draw a box around the information. Use 3X5 note cards, find the main vocabulary for that lecture and put that on note cards when you get home. Ask questions if you don't understand something during a lecture, don't worry what people think because chances are they will be writing down what you asked.

    You can make post it notes in your book and write down key ideas from the lecture, post it on the book like a bookmark and then you have something to easily refer to in your textbook. You can ask the teacher after class too what were the main ideas of the lecture and what should you "concentrate on" the most, they will probably tell you if they're a good teacher.

    2. When you get home from school on Mondays get a snack and start in on your homework, after about 30 minutes take a break do whatever and then go back to your homework. Finish most of your homework. You have the most time to do your homework here.

    Tuesday: same thing, when you get home the first thing you do is your homework, but don't forget to eat and drink something too. If you make it the first thing you do, you're less likely to get distracted by t.v., internet, etc.

    Wednesday: Use this day when you get home to make up note cards or vocabulary for your notes

    Thursday: If you can, find a way to skim through your homework while you out doing an activity.

    Friday: You want most of your homework done by this time because if you wait until the weekend you will put it off, I know I used to do it, it's easy to procrastinate on the weekend. This happens especially if you're on a sports team, try to at least skim your textbook.

    Saturday: You can get together with a friend in your class and study a bit, go over your homework, check your notes, your note cards have someone quiz you on your notes

    Sunday: this is lazy day, let the homework go but make sure you get your homework together and put it in your backpack before you go to bed, it's a g good way of not forgetting it.

    3. study groups: find some people in your class and make one up, because what you pick up from a lecture will be different than what others pick up and usually the more people, the more you can pick up

    note cards: make them up after every lecture, highlight them, quiz yourself or have someone quiz you

    set up a time when you study: each day of the week, then after that time is up, go do something else so you don't get burned out. Make sure your study area is without distractions, so turn off your phone, or whatever if listening to music helps then do it, if not then don't.

    textbook: look at the end of each chapter in your textbook, the questions at the end of each chapter are the main points of the chapter, if you can answer those correctly you will usually do well on a test or quiz

    4. Extra credit: ask the teacher about it, most of the time there is extra credit

    You will need to study at least 2 hours a day but I would break it up into 30 minute time breaks, studying 2 hours at a time, your brain tends to fatigue and you lose the information.

    Stay after if you can or set up an office hour with the teacher to help you. Usually if you do this and you're on the edge of a grade, the teacher will bump up the grade to the higher one because they know you're making an effort [most of the time]

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    sounds like you do not have a lot of time after school.

    You need to put more time in on the weekends.

    You should be doing work for every class every day to keep ahead.

    1-2I don't know how you can be more organized/better time management without knowing what you already do. One thing that has been helping me get work done is to write the schedule down on the calender, when and what I am doing each day and how much time i think it will take- Hardly ever is it perfect but it reminds me of unfinished business so I don't miss things.

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    I speak as being a Junior in high school organization is important. I have 0 organization sophomore year. I printed out a schedule and pasted it all over my house to make sure I study. My grades have improved with this. Self efficacy is important. Pace yourself! If you need AP help I suggest you purchase some review books.

    For AP US - I would suggest REA

    AP world history - I would suggest princeton

    AP Chem - princeton/barron

    AP bio - barrons/ cliffs AP

    AP psychology - barrons

    Or any other -- amazon it.

    It's all up to you

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    i'm nevertheless in elementary words in seventh grade. And that's been strong so some distance. I genuinely hated sixth grade. It change into terrible. and that i might want to ought to assert between a million-second grade because being somewhat youngster change into the best. yet now, in Jr. extreme, each and every thing is often so "i am going to't trust what she stated!" or "i am going to't trust they are going out!" etc. at the same time as i change into little, it did not count number who wore what or who had the most acceptable hair or who went out with who. at the same time as i change into in that age...all you had to change into have exciting! yet lately are....gone. = (

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