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Does the due date of the baby and day we hooked up add up?

I hooked up with this chick on June 29, 2012. We hooked up a few more times in the next month & half but stopped cause it wasnt going anywhere and me and my long term on and off girlfriend of 7 years had started back dating. Then sometime around the end of September the chick I was just hooking up with found out she was pregnant and that it was my child and that her due date was March 1st.

At first I didnt believe it was mine because I didnt let off in her and in all the years I been with my girl unprotected and without pulling out I never even made her have a pregnancy scare. She's been pregnant with someone else baby but I have low sperm count so I think that could be the issue with why we havent conceived. But anyway, she went to the doctor and got her ultrasound picture and the baby has my huge head. So now I been really excited about my first son regardless of me and the moma's situation but people have been telling me that I look dumb because the dates dont add up and that really its her ex-boyfriend baby that she broke up with around the middle of June.

She said the last time they hooked up was at the beginning of June around the 7th. I really want to be there for her through the pregnancy cause if thats my son I would feel bad for not being there but do the dates really not add up? Could my son really not be my son? It just sucks cause I ended up leavin my girlfriend I was going to propose to so that I could be with my baby moma so me and her could be together for the baby and I may have messed everything up. My girlfriend had forgave me and the girl cause they knew each other and promised to be there for me and my son cause we wasnt together when I got the girl pregnant and we got so much love for each and I am so in love with her and I may have lost the only girl I ever really loved for this this chick I wouldnt be fooling with if it was not for the baby and then the baby may not even be mine now that I really think about it.

If we hooked up for the first time on June 29, 2012 and her due date is March 1st, 2013 could this be my baby? PLEASE HELP!!!

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    In humans, birth normally occurs at a gestational age of about 40 weeks (38 - 42 weeks is a normal range), and the due date is calculated as 40 weeks from the date of the last period.

    If you calculate assuming she got pregnant on the first time you slept together June 29th, her due date would be March 22 2013.

    If you calculate from June 29th being her last period, her due date would be April 5th 2013 (this allows for the fact that it could be up to 3-4 weeks after your last period that you got pregnant)

    Even if you calculate from her last period being on May 29th, her due date is still March 7th 2013.

    I cannot see any answer except that she was already pregnant the first time she slept with you, and her period must already have been late (although if she is not regular, she likely would not have realised)

    BUT she should have realised the baby was not yours when she was given her due date - they would have talked about missed periods and dates of sex when she went to the doctor.

    ALL babies have large heads in the womb, and for a while after they are born (because humans have large brains for their size) - it takes a while for the rest of the body to catch up.

    TBH though - if both girls are being so good about it, I would wait until the baby is born and have a DNA test before making any decisions about which girl to stay with. You can always stay with the girl you love but support (emotionally and financially) the baby's mom if it turns out to be yours.

    Source(s): this website calculates your due date either from the last day of your period or from the date you had sex.
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    if your baby mamma told the doctor the correct dates of her last cycle then the dates will be off and there is a possibility it is her ex boyfriends. The way the doctor figures out your due date is asking about the females cycles and if they are regular and finding out when the last cycle was, they then put it into a ovulation calender in their computer and the computer estimates the due date according to the info given. if she for some reason didnt remember her last cycle and guessed with her estimation being a couple weeks off, then it could be your baby, but if she has already had an ultrasound, the dr (if the dr is a good one) will be able to tell by the development of the fetus if the due date is off. Dont get your hopes up please, make sure to get a fraternity test. you do not want to be paying child support or making a huge decision to marry a woman you dont have feelings for to take care of someone elses baby.

    Source(s): have a little boy.
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    I would have an DNA test done

    I got pregnant late June and had a late March due date and baby

    That does not mean it's yours

    I would tell her to get both of you tested when the child is born

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    First of just because the baby has a big scan on the ultra sound doesn't mean nothing they all have big heads in the womb.. And your right the dates don't add up you would have to had sex with her at the very start of the month.. Get a DNA when the baby's born..

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    If you had sex June 29 ans she got pregnant that day due date for baby would be late march so it doesnt add up look up due date calculators good luck

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    it is possible it is your baby. Don't be an idiot though- the pull out method is not a workable method of birth control-even if you pull out before anything happens, there is leakage long before that can get her pregnant. Appearances on an ultrasound are just ridiculous- they all look the same. When it is born, get a DNA test. case closed.

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