Sewer gas coming up through shower drain?

I am getting sewer gas up through my shower drain and only that drain. It is definitely sewer gas and not bacteria from a clog etc.; I know the difference. It drains perfectly also. I suspect that the trap is drying out because it goes away temporarily if I run some water in there. This is a shower that is used regularly, so it is not evaporating from lack of use. The smell comes up even when no water is running elsewhere in the house. The toilet flushes fine in that room and all the sinks throughout the house drain well, but the toilet in the bathroom on the other end of the the house has a huge bloop sound and air bubble when it is flushed. I mention the bloop because I read something vague about that, but it wasn't really clear. This is a 7yr old condo and I live on the upper floor. This is a new problem so it cant be from poor plumbing design.

I'm mentioning all the above so it isn't suggested because I've read that stuff in my research before consulting here. Could it be the roof vent, and if so, why now and not before? I'm praying that you suggest that is the problem, because then it falls on the association to fix and not me. The accessible neighbors in this building are rotten to me, so I can't ask them if they are experiencing the same problem.


Nope, it's definitely the shower drain. I put my nose right up to every drain in the house, and only that one stinks and it's only my bathroom that smells. I haven't heard of the neighbors beneath me complaining, but then they are pigs and wouldn't notice it probably. But then again, this problem just started a couple weeks ago, and if there is a crack, the water may have not penetrated all the way through yet.

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    8 years ago
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    It does sound like the vent might be blocked. This would cause the water in the P trap to be sucked out which is the only reason that sewer gas could get past the P trap.

  • 8 years ago

    I don't think the vent has anything to do with it unless its cracked in the wall, from what you described I would think the trap is cracked and leaking but you live on an upper floor and no one living below you has reported a leak? I doubt the toilet bloop has anything to do with it

    Check other places you may be getting vapors from like the base of the toilet ,maybe it is a cracked vent pipe ,sorry I can't help you more

  • priess
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    4 years ago

    Kay is more commonly on the proper monitor. A vent pipe which fits up above the roof is also clogged (fowl's nest or ?). This vent is used to equalize strain apart from simply venting fumes. As water drains, instead of pulling in air from the vent, it can be pulling it from your drain thereby emptying the trap and allowing sewer gases in.

  • Mike
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    8 years ago

    I think the sound you hear is the water being sucked out of the shower p trap.

    I think the vent needs to be cleaned from the top of the building of clear the vent line.

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