Is Yahoo Mail necessary to belong to Yahoo Groups and Answers etc?

I've been with Yahoo for eons. Now my Yahoo email wont work; I cant reply to or compose mail. Supposedly has to do with a Firefox thing. I refuse to change browsers because one site doesn't support it.

Anyways, I belong to several Yahoo Groups, participate here in Answers and like to post comments to articles etc. Can I delete just my mail account once everything is transferred, or do I need to keep the mail account to be able to do everything else here?

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  • 8 years ago
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    I had the same problem. It's like the keyboard stops working on Yahoo mail. I use Ghostery in FF. When FF updated to version 18+ I had the same problem. My problem seems to be with the SCORECARD RESEARCH BEACON TRACKER that Yahoo has started to use. The tracker now cannot be blocked without this problem popping up. I went back to the OLD Yahoo mail. It's easy to do....(turn off javascript -go to Yahoo Mail- go to old mail - turn javascript back on.) All my problem swent away. I have been using Yahoo for years because I thought I could trust Yahoo more than Google. The OLD Yahoo mail works great; SMS and Chat work better now, too! I would rather use the old mail that turn Ghostery off. I don't want my email passing through this beacon. 1-22-13

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Contrary to common belief you do NOT need a Yahoo mail account to be able to participate on YA, in fact it's a good idea to use a mail account from a different provider just in case something goes wrong with your password for example. When I signed up back in 2006, I used a mail account which I created long before YA was started, and Yahoo never pressured me into getting a mail account with them in order to keep participating on the YA pages...:-)

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    4 years ago

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