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Should I send him a friend request?

There's this new guy at my school and yesterday was his first day and I showed him around and talked to him and stuff but then he was in a different class than I was. Anyway, should I send him a friend request on Facebook or will that be too "stalkerish"...

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    Honestly I'm sure he wouldn't care either way, would you care if someone sent you a friend request? I wouldn't, but ask yourself the same question.

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    it variety of feels that u are new to facebook. nicely seek to your pal call and while u see each and every of the names in record decide on the guy who's ur pal as u can see many human beings of comparable call. now click on the call of your pal so as that your individuals web site is open Now u can see the button named deliver pal request. click on it and tell your pal to settle for and thats it.

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    I know what you mean, but... Yeah - I would add him. You have got nothing to lose & as long as he will know it's you, then go ahead :D

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    Thank you & I hope I helped you! x

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