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how can i learn music production?

i want to learn how to produce music and learn software like ableton live, what kind of set up to have at home for a beginner, things like that. i don't really have time to do a music production course at college or university as i work quite alot, so i'm looking for another way to learn like a well known website aimed at music production, or a series of videos or guides etc that i can use in the spare time i do have. i have some ableton live software on my pc which i got free with a line 6 pod thingy that i bought for my guitar, but not sure how to use it, i dont have a midi keyboard and no previous experience with recording so any help would be useful. also on another note, i'm curious how people like skrillex produce their music and how he even goes about creating it? i know some people are gonna be like "he just pushes buttons" but i mean like, does he use a midi keyboard and is trained in playing the keyboard? or something like that. i'm not sure how people like that actually create the sounds to start with.


i'm not saying i want to copy skrillex or even make music like his. i was just using him as an example of someone who produces their own music, and i was just interested in how someone like him goes about doing it, obviously i would like to have my own sounds and i wouldn't produce music of that genre either.

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  • 7 years ago
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    Ableton Live in my opinion is the best DAW (digital audio workstation) to produce electronic music. Pro Tools or other DAWs are better for recording bands or other audio tasks, but for electronic music I recommend trying out Ableton Live. Here is a post explaining what to do to get started learning Live:

    And here is post explaining what equipment you need, and what order to purchase it in:

    Learning to produce music well is a *years* long process. A lot of electronic music sounds really simple, but it takes a ton of work to learn to produce. But it's damn fun, so I don't mind! Happy producing!

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  • 7 years ago

    There are many, many tutorial videos, especially on YouTube. They can help you with the software.

    It's not necessary to learn the keyboard to an advanced level, just what each key represents as a note.

    Also, don't try to be like Skrillex when creating music. That is impossible. That is not music. Edit: :)

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  • 4 years ago

    I would also learn the piano. You don't have to become amazing at it, but learning the basics can really help you. It makes you more musical, which is an important skill alongside your production skills. Your DJ background will obviously help you in making your beats and rhythms, but learning an instrument like the piano will really help with creating bass lines, more interesting chord progressions, better synth lines etc. etc. All of which will make your tracks better as well. It takes time and patience though to become good at making music, whatever the genre. If you want to make tech-house and remix stuff, then Ableton Live is perfect for you. Rich.

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  • Josh
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    7 years ago
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