What must I do to add a subwoofer to an existing Bose Sound system?

The vehicle is a 2013 Mazda CX-5 GT

It has the 9 speaker Bose Audio system from OEM which I like and want to keep.

Do not want to remove the factory radio.

I know that I may need an OEM interface unit but have no idea how to install it to work with the factory amplifier and the new monoblock I would be buying to power the subwoofer.

Do not know how to remove the dash panel to get to the factory radio mounts.

Overall system sounds great but lacks bottom end.

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  • 8 years ago
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    There's a photo slide with instructions. Hope it works.


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  • 4 years ago

    like quite a few different experts of their solutions, stay a fashion from Bose, sure i try this for a living too. i'm no longer likely to specify a brad cuz i don't know your budget. So without the cheap my suggestion is to spend the comparable quantity on audio device which you spent on your DVD, CD, and Receiver blended. So in case you have a $two hundred DVD + $a hundred CD + $seven hundred receiver then spend $one thousand on the audio device or extra in case you have the money. audio device make the biggest difference! additionally for music and flicks, in the adventure that your budget enables, get something with better front audio device which could signify bass. Subs are super if that's the device you could handle to pay for, despite the fact that bass is ordinarily non-directional, even i will tell the place a 30Hz tone is coming from so frontal bass is extra friendly. And by way of all capability in case you could handle to pay for better front and a sub then do the two. Listening tip, human beings tend to purchase overly vivid or bass sounding audio device (Bose) because of the fact area by way of area to a "mushy" pair they seem to sound better. that's till you get fatigued from listening to them. So think of once you're listening "wow that treble is crisp and loud, sounds solid"...... think of approximately it, is it over the perfect, is that going to computer virus me whilst i'm observing a action picture? wish this helps

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