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Can Prince Harry marry a non-British or a non-Christian woman?

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    Yes, no statues prohibit British royals from marrying foreign nationals or non-Christians.

    Princes in Britain's royal family have married foreign nationals for centuries; to cite a few examples, these include the following well-remembered queen consorts: Eleanor of Aquitaine, wife of Henry II; Catherine of Aragon, first wife of Henry VIII; Charlotte, wife of George III; and Mary of Teck, wife of George V. Indeed, marrying foreign princesses was the norm until the 20th-century, or rather the marriage of Albert, Duke of York (later George VI), to Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon was the first instance of a Royal who succeeded to the throne marrying a British subject since James II.

    The Act of Settlement (1701) prohibits the succession of a Roman Catholic to the British throne, so marrying a Roman Catholic who didn't convert to the Church of England would at present disallow any children from succeeding to the British throne; however, no statue prohibits the marriage to a non-Christian.

    P, S. Problems, however, might result in a marriage of mixed faiths:

    ---Hinduism doesn't prohibit inter-religious marriages, but Islam does.

    ---Islamic law considers the husband the head of the family and therefore doesn't allow a Muslim woman to marry a non-Muslim husband.

    ---The children of a Jewish woman are technically considered Jews, and if a child of this marriage were to succeed to the throne if might be difficult for him or her to be the Supreme Governor of the Anglican Church.

    ---Buddhists can marry non-Buddhists, but it is also recommended that a Buddhist marries only someone who shares his or her world view.

    ---How could an atheist or agnostic be the "Defender of the faith" ?

    ---Scientology? British courts have called it "pernicious nonsense".

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    Prince Harry can marry a non-British or a non-Christian woman. The issue of nationality is not an issue at all, at least not int he eyes of the monarchy - in fact, members of the Royal family have a long history of marrying non-British subjects and for a long time were known for marrying German Princesses. Prince Harry's grandfather, Prince Philip, was not born a British subject himself. More recently, Prince Harry's cousin, Mark Phillips (Princess Anne's son), married a Canadian, Autumn Phillips.

    Religion becomes a bit trickier. There is no law against marrying non-Christians, although there is a law about marrying Catholics - people in the line of succession cannot marry Catholics or convert to Catholicism without being removed from the line of succession (unless their prospective spouse converts prior to the wedding). Prospective spouses for the British royals tend to be specifically of Protestant or Anglican origins, and tend to convert to the Church of England. This can be seen again through both Prince Philip and Autumn Phillips. Prince Phillip was Greek Orthodox prior to his marriage, and Autumn Phillips was Roman Catholic. Both converted to the Church of England.

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    Yes, of course. There are no laws stating that his wife must be British or Christian.

    The British royals have married foreigners for centuries.

    Contrary to the suggestion of the previous poster, anyone Harry married would automatically become a princess by marriage and a member of the royal family. Nationality and religion would NOT be pretexts for ostracizing anyone.

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    Prince Harry can marry whoever he wants. The question is this: Would Prince Harry's wife be recognized as a member of the Royal Family? Or, perhaps, would Prince Harry be ostracized by the Royal Family if he married a non-British or non-Christian woman?

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    Yes, of course!

    If the woman is Roman Catholic, he will lose his claim to the throne. But he can marry her.

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    yes, i think he will marry a muslim women. do you think they would let him?

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