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sending birthday cards to people who never send me birthday cards?

This has been going on and on for ever. Every year I send birthday cards to all my husband's aunties but we receive no cards from them either on my husband's or on my birthday.

Should I stop sending them birthday cards altogether? I had a word about this issue with my mother in law who thinks that I should carry on sending them cards as if I do not they may get offended. Like I have not been offended anyway...

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    Hey they are old and appreciate you remembering them. I dont believe that you are offended by them not sending you one, more like you are just thinking selfishly that you dont want to go to the bother or expense of sending them one if you dont get one back. Life is not just for receiving, sometimes its nice just to give.

    I send cards to lots of people that I don't get one back from but it never stops me.

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    It's important to be consistent in your character. Just because other people are not as good as you doesn't mean that you yourself should falter or become inconsistent in your actions and who you are.

    As someone else said, if you only give because you expect to receive, then maybe you shouldn't send out cards anymore as clearly this equation isn't turning out your preferred results (birthday cards in return).

    If you send out birthday cards because you were taught that it is the good and right thing to do and you sincerely believe that, well if you stop sending birthday cards you will no longer be leading by example. At least if you continue to send out birthday cards maybe one day a certain someone(s) will pick up the habit as well.

    Personally I don't care about birthdays at all, but in this situation it's all about sticking to your principles. Wouldn't you agree?

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    I have an Aunt & Uncle who send me cards almost every holiday.. I NEVER have sent one back. I know, I know... But sometime ther's just not enough hours in the day it seems. But man, do they make my day! I think if you're sending one.. For one in return. Then yes, you should stop.

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    I do for a few years then I give up. I can forgive forgetting one or two years but after I give up.

    one tip would be to put your address on the back of the card. A polite prompt.

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    Do you only send so that you can recieve? If you are the sort of person who likes to send cards then continue to do so,I am sure they are appreciated ,some people just don't ever send cards .

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    Sod them. Do not send another card.

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