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6 litre handlebar bag - 70 miles?

In April I will be doing a 70 mile charity ride between London and Hastings - a route that is challenging because of numerous steep hills.

Is a (6 litre compact) handlebar bag appropriate for carrying stuff on a long haul like this or should I get a rear bag or even a rucksack for my back?

Many thanks in advance to all contibutors

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  • John M
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    8 years ago
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    You do not want a back pack. I have done plenty of rides that far with a smaller handle bar bag. A apple and banana and a sandwich is about all you need for 70 miles. Load up on pasta the day before and take along plenty of water. Most charity rides will have food and drinks available at rest stops.

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    Depends what you need to take. 70 miles is not much, but since you are not being competative: Under saddle bag with tools. Bike pump. Spare tube.

    Now that the essentials are out of the way, you need fluids. Lets say that 70 miles is gonig to take you about 4 or so hours, but that there will be feeding stations along the way. 2 x 750 mil juice bottles for the frame shoud do it. The only other thing that I would take are energy bars and jelly babies.

    Thats it. other than a lightweight jacket in case it rains.

    Happy cycling


  • McG
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    8 years ago

    If you have a bicycle jersey with three pockets on the back, you have enough storage for a 70 mile ride.

    You will need 2 - 24-to-28 ounce water bottles that can be refilled at the aid stations. Consume one bottle of water per hour regardless of the temperature.

    Usually the aid stations have snacks too. Ask or research that fact, if not carry some energy bars, a few energy gels and a bit of trail mix in your pockets

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    usually ''charity rides''make it pretty easy with food and water stops everywhere

    maybe even carrying overnight stuff

    i assume you would be passing some stores in 70 miles

    you don;t really need to pack like you are crossing the sahara


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  • 8 years ago

    Most likely there will be feeding stations every 2 hours. Carry nothing.

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