connect network printer on sub network?


I have a home network with a printer on address Because I can't get a wireless signal in to the attic, I have another wifi router wired up there connected to the main adsl router. I have a PC attached to this secondary router on

Can I connect that PC to the network printer on the main network?



Actually problem resolved. I had some other problem it wasn't a networking issue. Just entering the IP address worked once my other issue was corrected.

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  • 7 years ago
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  • 3 years ago

    hi, you ought to Hook it up this type: a million. Cable Modem -use 2 ports. Feed each and every between both instantaneous routers into the obtainable ports of the modem. each and each and every router will favor to be setup to apply between the IP addresses 192.168.a million.2, or 192.168.a million.3, to steer away from an IP conflict and each and each and everyone will favor a diverse SSID call so that you'll perceive between both even as connecting to the instantaneous community. i could also change the WIFI password to be same on both using the kind "WPA " really of WEP because it really is more ideal safe practices. Off of one the instantaneous routers you could upload the different router & swap as needed, purely you'd be wanting to no longer have the IP tackle of the router a similar as the different router contained in the device. both instruments had to be on their own community use the lone instantaneous router each and every thing else is on the different area of the community! with somewhat of success one of those clears up the confusion. The instantaneous routers can take care of as a lot as 244 instruments with no topic except for the style of stressed ports, thats the position the further stressed routers are further.

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